Tricks to eat fruit every day

You will have heard thousands of times about the importance of eat fruit and how it beneficially affects our Health. It is possible, however, that you are not very fan and that you escape whenever you can, and at the end the end of the week comes and you wonder how much you have eaten in total, when experts say they have to be five pieces a day, or maybe there were three?

Think about it, the fruit has many advantages, among them: provides water, vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants (which prevent premature aging of the cells) and it's also a great sweet option when you want to take natural sugar. And don't make excuses, because otherwise, but there is a wide variety to choose from. After all, it changes every season. Therefore, if you are thinking of expanding your intakeHere are some ideas that will help you eat at least one piece up to date.

Choose well

Maybe the problem is that you don't like fruit because you just don't know how to choose Actually it is almost an art, but it also depends on whether you like green or ripe. If you are not going to eat them at the moment, the best thing you can do is buy the one you will find in good quality throughout the year, see apples, bananas, grapes or pears. Require minimal preparation and, in addition, they have a fairly long lifespan.

If you place them in a visible area, it will be easier for you to finish them by biting them. In salads, juices or desserts, you can take them in many ways

Of course, there is nothing wrong with melon, mangoes, watermelon, papayas or strawberries. They are very good but you can't try to run if you haven't started walking yet. These fruits are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, but they require refrigeration and some preparation to be enjoyed, and it is important that you do not put it all in the refrigerator, (now we will explain why). Therefore, the ideal would be that you choose to always introduce in the cart some of those pieces that are easy to prepare, and optionally if the body asks you for those that do not.

Leave it in sight

As if a still lifeWhen you get home the best thing you can do is leave everything you have bought in sight, so that you will be checking how the passage of time makes a dent in them until they reach their optimal point And you want to eat them. If you like green apples, maybe that same night you want to eat one, but yes you prefer the banana a little past Maybe you should wait a few days.

The question is quite simple: if the put in the refrigerator It is quite likely that you do not remember much of it, but if you have it in sight, sooner or later you will end up giving it a bite.

When to eat it?

Another good thing about fruit is that it is flexible. There is not a certain time to eat fruit, any time is good and can also be taken in thousands of ways. For example, in the morning, while preparing breakfast, you can peck a piece or prepare a Orange juice. As a snack it is also a great idea, but if your problem is that you do not want eat it alone and you can't think of what dishes to add it, there are some ideas.

Salads. Pieces of pineapple or apple, even pear or orange, or if you are more daring and want to put strawberry, pomegranate or kiwi … Whether in pasta, quinoa or even canons, you can sweeten them and give a more special touch to your food.

Desserts. Ice cream, carpaccios, fruit salad, compotes in which you can include nuts, cinnamon or cocoa, you always have to let your imagination fly and, of course, have time to prepare some dishes more elaborate.

Milkshakes. Let's see, it's not the option healthier but if there is no other remedy … They can be a first contact with the fruit and will always be better than sugary sodas. You can prepare natural juices or smoothies and satisfy the hunger in the afternoon or end the night with something candy.

If none of these tips has convinced you, you can always emulate koreans in his attempts to eat fruit, reading here.