Tricks to avoid gaining pounds and not getting fat at Christmas

If you can not beat them, join them. Well, that is precisely what we plan to do this Christmas. Because although we have set out to lead a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that we can do little to don't skip the diet during these dates. And since giving up celebrations is not an option, we have decided to draw up a plan to Avoid gaining pounds this Christmas. As? With the help of simple tips given by the dietitian and nutritionist Susie Burrell (Carlos Ríos Australian), which we have found so easy to follow that it is worth putting them into practice.


1. Start the day with a great breakfast

It has always been said that it is the most important meal of the day and in these dates, in addition, it can prevent you from being filled at Christmas dinners. "An abundant breakfast can be the key when it comes to losing weight, as it speeds up the metabolism and can help you with burning calories during the day," explains the nutritionist.

Recommend to take first thing satiating foods like bananas and eggs. Thus we will arrive at the table without hunger. “Fasting can work for some people, pro if you really feel hungry in the morning or are used to exercise, have breakfast. Write products rich in fiber and protein on your list, ”he recommends. "A banana and yogurt smoothie or a couple of eggs with a fruit salad can leave you satisfied all morning."

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2. Do not eat after 1:00 p.m.

Something that can be applied especially to dates like New Year's Eve, where we know with certainty that the banquet will be abundant. "Having lunch before 1:00 pm helps reduce cravings for sugar and junk food," explains the expert. This way we will make sure we have done the digestion well and not feel so heavy during dinner. “A simple salad is not enough. Try to make a substantial meal of about 350-400 calories. ”

3. Cut dinner in half

If you know that a good celebration awaits you the next day, try to reduce the calories of your dinner the night before. Burrell advises to drink something light before bedtime: "A small dinner will ensure that you wake up hungry to later have a hearty breakfast," he says. "It will help you achieve a calorie deficit and therefore a weight loss as a result."

And yes, it is true that if you are going to give yourself a feast later, the weight loss may not occur, but of course you will save the increase.


4. Avoid liquid calories

We tend to pay attention to what we eat, but not what we drink. And in a simple coffee there may be more calories than a Christmas dinner entree. The nutritionist gives the example of drinks (usually sugary) that are taken in establishments such as Starbucks or Costa Café. "Many people do not realize the calories that can be in a cappuccino," he explains.

And we should not only avoid them during the day, also at dinner or Christmas food. Changing wine, beer or glasses of alcohol for water can help us avoid gaining weight these dates.

And we will also do our health a favor.

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