Trendy restaurants in 2022 in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville …: how much do they cost, where are they and what to order to eat marvelously

We start the year and we have to recognize that we are looking forward to eating 2022. We have high hopes for the next twelve months, because everyone (yeah, everyone) We have many pending celebrations, many toasts to make and many tributes to give us. We deserve it. We know that we will continue to bet on delivery much more than we would have imagined a couple of years ago (and with these luxury restaurants with home delivery, no wonder) and that the terraces are here to stay even if it’s cold. However, when we really want to eat well and, incidentally, show off a bit of intragrammer ‘foodie’ posture, these will be the restaurants that we will need to visit yes or yes.

In Madrid

Madrid is effervescent, we never tire of repeating it. The capital is experiencing its best gastronomic moment in years and the most delicious openings coexist with classics of the city that reinvent themselves to make us fall into the pleasure of gluttony without regrets. The recently released Canalejas Galleries brings (and attracts) to the city the concept of food hall with affordable luxury as its flag and has become the capital’s ‘place to be’ for all self-respecting foodies. Great food, great prices, and amazing photos on your Instagram feed, what more could you ask for?

Of course, the true gastronomic gem that will mark the pulse of the city is Smoked Room, the new proposal by Dani García that in just six months since its opening at the Hyatt Regency Hesperia hotel (Paseo de la Castellana, 57) it has already achieved two Michelin Stars with its ‘fire omasake’ and its premise that “everything is smoke.” The chef is committed to Japanese flavors with a menu that costs (and is worth) 180 euros per person, and offers pairing from 105 euros more per person. Essential.

In Barcelona

One of the gastro trends that will sweep this 2022 is the ‘zero waste’ concept in the kitchen. The best chefs in the world have set out to teach us how to make the most of our pantry and combat food waste. Nothing is left unsold or unused, so following the trail of the preservation of Ángel León or Dani García, Fishølogy (Carrer Diputació, 73, Barcelona) presents an exquisite menu in which matured fish are the protagonists. The team studied the preparations that were made in ancient times to preserve fish through the use of salt and, under this premise, a restaurant concept has been developed based on examining and updating ancestral techniques and adapting them to new gastronomic trends. The result? A menu that dives between Mediterranean flavors and oriental touches, with the best oysters in Barcelona and a tasting menu from 45 euros (7 dishes) that leaves us with an incredible taste in our mouths.

In Valencia

The new one Salita de Begoña Rodrigo (two Repsol Suns and a Michelin Star) in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia, it has become a place of pilgrimage for lovers of good food when they approach the Mediterranean. The walls and the impressive garden of a Valencian house from the 18th century are the setting in which you can enjoy an impressive gastronomic work based on the dry land product, the Valencian orchard and the best bites of the sea. The space is reinvented, but also its elaborations, with an exquisite prominence of local ingredients and an enhancement of local vegetables. The chef assures that it is “a space where illusions, dreams and respect fit” and this is demonstrated by her menu, with tasting menus starting at 97 euros per person (without drinks). Carrer Pere III El Gran, 11, Valencia.

In A Coruña

To speak of Galician cuisine is to speak of the sea, of quality fresh produce, copious meals and good prices. But this time, we let ourselves be carried away by the trend and chose Marta Ortega’s favorite restaurant, Omakasee Sushi Bar, as an essential in A Coruña, Adrián Figueroa’s new proposal that bets on ‘slow food’ and the ancient Japanese tradition of letting ourselves be carried away and entrusting our senses to the chef to live a unique gastronomic experience in which everything changes every day (depending on when the best products reach their optimum point) and surprise, as well as enjoyment, are guaranteed. The ‘sushiman’ will serve you what you want, when you want, but the 14-course menu, more than abundant, does not reach 50 euros. Plaza de María Pita, 3, A Coruña.

In sevilla

On Avenida de la Borbolla, 59 (corner with Felipe II), next to the emblematic Parque de María Luisa, in the heart of Seville, stands majestic, Ozama House, the trendy restaurant in the capital of Seville. Quality cuisine is reflected in a proposal in which there is no shortage of traditional tapas that mark the rhythm of alternation in the city, grilled preparations and rice dishes, all based on grandmother’s recipes, but reinvented with avant-garde touches and a modern and careful presentation. Mediterranean cuisine is renewed and is paired with signature cocktails: in addition to turbot, sea bass, cod, old beef tenderloins or high loin of Galician blonde matured 40 days, red tuna tataki from almadraba, grilled ‘César’ buds, ajoblanco with salmon roe, grapes and smoked sardines … All this, in an imposing 1912 modernist villa in which an imposing garden with palm trees, olive trees and many flowers coexists and an interior with a rogue touch lined with velvets, neon and antiquarian maximalist decoration. Irresistible.