Trends to decorate the terrace, porch and garden this summer with low cost details that seem luxury

Since last year we have realized the importance of having a cozy home. But also, we have discovered the importance of our exterior spaces of the house. For this reason, and given the importance of outdoor areas, we have compiled some of the trends that we see most on the networks. Take note, and enjoy decorating the terrace if you have not done it yet with the best trends of 2021. Are you coming to discover it?

Outdoor furniture

One of the 2021 outdoor decoration trends is to have an outdoor living room. In summer we want to spend as many hours as possible outside. So we recommend investing in good outdoor furniture, comfortable chairs and a large table to dine with the whole family.

Outdoor fireplaces

Far from being something reserved for winter or fall, outdoor fireplaces serve and shine all year round. In fact, it is in summer when they are best, since they will bring a bohemian air to the garden or interior patio.

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Hanging chairs

Those who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space with good views, need to include on their deco shopping list a hanging chair in which to relax and admire the panorama. They are just as comfortable and comfortable as a hammock but, of course, more trendy.

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Decoration with artificial light

Small balconies or terraces will appear larger and more welcoming thanks to the occasional light element with soft and warm light. It can be a floor lamp, a network of mini lights hanging on the wall, strips of small light bulbs … Is it a balcony or a nightclub?

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Jungle effect

This trend, reserved for interior patios and gardens of considerable size, will turn the exterior of the house into a jungle. It is about playing, without fear, with different types of trees, bushes and wild plants. There is no size limit. In fact, the only premise is to avoid flowering plants and focus only on green leafy ones.

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