Trans fats: how to avoid consuming this harmful ingredient

Everything indicates that the feeding with Trans fat it is not healthy. It is better remove them of the diet everyday. However, this seems somewhat difficult. The reason? Well, it just so happens that they have become a component of many recipes and mass food presentations.

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Interestingly, these lipids were believed to offset the damage generated by saturated fat. However, they are now known to be more damaging than the latter.

What are trans fats?

They are unsaturated fatty acids. Most are not of natural origin, but obtained by industrial processes. They are achieved by converting a liquid oil into solid fat, using a procedure classified as hydrogenation.

There are three ways to get them: by industrial process by adding hydrogen atoms in the cooking vegetable oil at high temperature, as well as naturally in certain ruminants (as in cattle).

These fatty acids have a detail: they cannot be easily synthesized by the human body. And it is logical that this is so! They hardly arise due to natural processes. Therefore, the natural metabolism cannot absorb them easily and accumulates them.

What is the problem with this type of fat?

Trigger cardiovascular diseases. They increase the cholesterol and atrophy the arteries. To this is added that without trigger for the obesity.

It is added that, once consumed, they remain in the body for a long time. As they cannot be synthesized by the organism, only the alternative to discard them. However, neither the digestive system nor sweating can eliminate them completely.

For the reasons mentioned above, when tips to stop consuming harmful products indicated suppress foods with trans fats.

Foods to avoid so as not to consume trans fat

Is about very common foods. In fact, many people consume them without even suspecting their harmful qualities.

-The breads, cakes and doughs.

-All dessert glazes (donuts).

-Fast food: hamburgers, hot dogs, fried potatoes, etc.

-Both margarine and butter have this type of trans fat.

-Salty snacks (doritos, vegetable or animal fries).

-Fried foods. It happens that the oils when heated become trans fats.

The list of foods with more trans fats It is very wide. Here we have only mentioned some categories that include almost all the recipes that people consume daily. Therefore, it is a nutritional imbalance that we must correct to avoid health disorders.

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How to avoid trans fat? The only way is change eating habits. Keep in mind that they are present in industrial and mass foods. Therefore, the solution is to bet on a more natural eating pattern.


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