Trampantojo in Siberia: the toxic dump under a turquoise lake

May the placid turquoise blue water not fool you. East lake in full Siberia – next to the city of Novosibirk (Russia) – it has become the mecca for instragramers in the area, but its spectacular color is deceptive: in reality, the lake is a contaminated trash where the coal plant of the city throws its ashes.

The image that the electric blue waters of the pond (artificial) are so spectacular that the area looks like a vacation card of the Caribbean and has earned the name "Novosibirsk Maldives" -with Instagram account included-, but the coal plant already warned that the water is dangerous because of the waste that pour and you can produce allergies of various types.

The turquoise color of this 'Siberian paradise' responds to the chemical reaction of calcium salts and other metal oxides dissolved in the bottom of the lake (from one to two meters deep), which cause its high pH level (more than eight), as explained by the electric company Siberian Generating Company in a statement posted on the social network VKontakte last month.

The company, which refers to its CHP-5 dump as "the star of social networks", they explicitly asked that people not bathe in their waters due to the high alkaline levels (pH) by the presence of calcium salts and oxides.

Faced with some reports that there were poisonous vapors, withered plants or blue seagulls of alarming colors, the electricity company explained that two independent laboratories had shown that the lake it is not poisonous or there is radiation.

In addition, the lake is also dangerous for another reason: the bottom of the dumpster is muddy and leaving the reservoir alone "is almost impossible".

For that reason, the company has made it very clear: We beg you not to fall into the dumpster for looking for a selfie!

Although visitors say that the surroundings of the lake they smell like detergent, all these inconveniences do not seem to be an obstacle for Instagram users, who come enthralled to take a picture with the landscape. Inculso there are some who dare to take a bath despite the warnings and prohibitions.