Toilets "run over" in the worst peak of the covid: the Board cancels transfers and breaks

The template of Andalusian Health Service is exhausted, outdated and now too burned. At the highest peak of the pandemic, with the highest number of hospitalizations due to covid ever recorded in the community and warning that the maximum pressure will continue for at least three more weeks, the unilateral decision of Health to reorder human resources has lit the fuse . According to this order, transfers, leave, reductions in working hours or breaks may be unilaterally suspended, as well as hiring students in the last grade and move professionals regardless of their specialty. In addition, while hand-hiring is authorized, the inauguration of those people who had obtained a place in the SAS and are waiting to join work is paralyzed.

The meeting of the sectoral table that brings together the main union representatives and the Junta de Andalucía lasted for two hours on Monday morning while the toilets left at the doors of hospitals and health centers to protest and show your outrage. There has been no agreement. CCOO, UGT, Sindicato Médico, CSIC and SATSE Nursing Union they got up indignant and without agreement.

Andalusia closes all non-essential activity from six in the afternoon

Isabel Morillo. Seville

The Andalusian Government, after announcing the president Juan Manuel Moreno drastic measures that affect the closure of all non-essential activity at 6:00 p.m., approved an Official Gazette (BOJA) based on the Government's alarm decree that provides that the autonomous health authorities reorder resources to respond to emergency situations. The order, approved without consulting the sector board, describes a borderline situation in the Andalusian health system, he speaks of “enormous pressure”. "The capacity of our health system begins to be seriously compromised", indicates to justify the adoption of "urgent measures of extraordinary character in the face of a critical situation."

Loss of rights

From now on, it will be the managers of the health centers who decide on permits, vacations and licenses, such as reductions in working hours. Full-time incorporation may be suspended and claimed. Regulations on permits and breaks are suspended and any healthcare professional can be forced to move to and be temporarily assigned to jobs that need to be filled whatever your specialty. "We can see dermatologists or specialists in clinical analysis in emergencies or covid plants, even in ICU, with what that entails legal insecurity and stress for professionals who have been falling apart for the citizens for eight months," he denounces Humberto Muñoz, Secretary General of the CCOO Health Federation and member of that sectorial table. “In five months between one wave and another there have hardly been any contracts, the tracking has not worked, they have overloaded professionals from primary care and now they come up with this without consensus and with arrogance ”, he complains.

Last grade students may be hired as specialists and permits or reductions in working hours are canceled

Resident doctors and nurses for the last year may also be assigned specialist tasks. Workers at risk or pregnant women will be dedicated to tracking covid as well as health workers who have to be isolated in a preventive way but who do not develop the disease. The exemptions for additional working hours that workers over 55 years of age could request are annulled and people hired part-time may exceptionally have one hundred percent of the working day.

Hospital managers, apart from the bag that is normally used to sort contracts by score and merits, may sign employment contracts with undergraduate students of any of the health professions in their last year of training as well as with graduates who do not have points. They will be "by finger", denounce the unions, who recall that the conditions of the job bank have already been made more flexible to speed up contracts and be able to skip administrative procedures. "Now they can directly hire a finger", they point out.

A doctor treats a covid patient. (EFE)

They may also oblige professionals who they have to retire to forcefully extend your stay on active duty. All transfer competitions that were in progress are also annulled.

Meeting without agreement

The Ministry of Health called the sectorial table urgently on Sunday after drafting this resolution. According to the assistants, the SAS manager, Miguel Angel Guzman, attended the start of the meeting on Monday to ensure that the order included proposals for "maximums" and then left "without hearing the representatives of the workers." The unions complain that everything has been done "behind the backs of the workers" and are even considering appealing the order in court for "violating basic principles such as collective bargaining." They know they have little scope to go on strike or protest. "We are responsible and we are not going to put anyone's health at risk, but we are going to try to convene concentrations to show our discomfort," says the CCOO representative. Already this Monday at 12 noon there were protests by health workers at the doors of hospitals and health centers.

With 1,000 cases a day in Seville, health workers warn of the collapse in a month

Isabel Morillo. Seville

"They are not open to negotiate anything," the union representatives complain. There will be a rectification of the order published in the BOJA but not to alter its content, explain those attending the meeting with Health, but to extend it to the workers of public health agencies, such as 061 or some hospital areas constituted as agencies, and for tsocial health workers, in residences for example, that due to “an error” had been left out of the scope of the resolution.

"Run over" at the worst time

Also from the Andalusian Medical Union they show their deep discomfort. There were already health workers who were preparing for a change of destination that they had been waiting for years in some cases, "requesting changes of school for their children, renting houses or saying goodbye to their patients." “The only illusion that allowed many colleagues to move forward every day was to get that long-awaited place. Now that illusion is suddenly truncated and with no hope that the procedure will be resolved in the short term. Didn't we deserve a little more foresight and respect? The mixture of incompetence and arrogance with which the Board acts causes fear ", warn from the Medical Union.

The Málaga Clinic, ground zero for Covid-19 in Andalusia, on the brink of collapse

Agustín Rivera. Malaga

"From the Medical Union we have been announcing for weeks the serious worsening of the pandemic (…) However, either by mere negligence or because economic interests have prevailed over health ones, we have found ourselves again in A desperate situation. Now the Board intends to do in a hurry what it should have done calmly weeks ago, and intends to do it, once again, at the expense of professionals ”, they denounce. "Doctors cannot tolerate that the pressure caused by the pandemic is compounded by the outrage," they warn.

In a note, the Andalusian Health Service explained that the Andalusian order adapts what is established by the Ministry and asked "the understanding and the help of the unions for the development of this order, given the epidemiological situation in which Andalusia finds itself. " a text of maximums to try to avoid designing new measures in case of worsening of the current pandemic situation. From the SAS, the hope has been expressed that not all the foreseen possibilities are precise, "they add in the statement.