Tired of the coronavirus? These are the 5 good news you need to read now

Life during a global pandemic can become surreal. The omnipresence of news about the new coronavirus on social media, the media and other sources can make it particularly difficult to bear this situation. Especially if you are confined at home and this causes anxiety.

Considering where the focus of information is focused, we have put together a series of news that has gone unnoticed who can be inspiring, encouraging and noteworthy in these difficult times.

A Possible Universal Flu Vaccine

Flu strains of viruses change constantly, so our ability to immunize against them is low year-on-year. For this reason, each year new vaccines are taken from what is thought to be the strain that will attack this winter. A 'universal' flu shot would give us a great advantage in this race, and it seems that we have found it, according to a new study published in 'Annals of Internal Medicine'.

The vaccine, called FLU-v, has successfully passed phase I and phase II clinical trials, demonstrating its safety in human subjects. It has been found to induce immune responses that last at least six months. There will still be wait to see the results of the next phase of trials.

A patient 'cured' of HIV

Researchers have announced that, for the second time, a patient carrying the HIV virus has been declared 'cured' (with no trace of infection in their blood) 30 months after stopping traditional treatment, undergoing a specialized type of stem cell therapy.

A specific type of stem cell therapy is responsible for this 'cure'

The achievement does not constitute a general cure, because the patient also had a type of lymphoma that allowed him to receive this experimental treatment; But it demonstrates a true advance in medical science, showing that scientists can push the limits like never before, says 'Science Alert'.

60,000 more seeds in the Arctic bunker

In February, a large number of seed samples were added to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault: 60,000. Nestled within a mountain in Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, this bunker included the first seed deposit for the heritage of an American Indian tribe.

The increase in crop deposits in this refuge reflects the growing global concern about possible loss of biodiversity and food security, but these actions also demonstrate a beautiful commitment to our future generations.

There are 76 solutions to curb climate change

A new report from the nonprofit Project Drawdown has outlined 76 solutions the world has at your fingertips to curb climate change. These strategies, from change our means of production energy to reduce food waste and empower women, span all sectors.

It's cheaper to curb climate change right now than the healthcare costs it will cause to move forward

Also, these solutions are actually cheaper than maintain the 'status quo' (also known as'do nothing'). Project Drawdown estimates that if we implement these 76 solutions, millionaire savings on climate damage Y healthcare costs related to pollution. Tell all your friends: we can do it.

New method to produce hydrogen more efficiently

The fuel hydrogen is one of the options of zero emissions most promising. The key would be to produce it cheaply and without the need for insane amounts of energy.

Now a team of researchers in tokyo It has managed to do that, refining a method that produces hydrogen fuel using only a few basic ingredients, including light and a particular type of oxide. A new study published in 'Chemistry' shows that this method produces 25 times more hydrogen than existing methods.