Tips to take care of your health in winter

The flu, colds and colds are usually the order of the day in winter and few are the mortals who are free to walk with the handkerchief and the medicine in tow these days. Take note of these tips to strengthen your defenses in winter and improve your health.

Survive and mineralize!

In winter it is essential to keep the immune system strong to avoid disease or reduce the duration of its symptoms. Increase in consumption of foods rich in vitamins of group B, C and minerals such as iron so that your defenses are well prepared to fight with the viruses and bacteria that swarm freely in the cold season.

Foods like Broccoli, strawberries, cauliflower, orange or tomatoes have a good dose of vitamin C; Vitamin B can be found in eggs, meat, fish, liver, kefir, miso, kale or nuts; and iron in shellfish shellfish, offal, seeds and red meat among other foods.

Hygiene is key

Unfortunately, the Japanese culture of anti-birth control protocol has not yet been established among westerners and it is easy for us to easily spread disease. Cough, sneezing, physical contact, even touching a surface that a person with a cold has previously touched, who has not been scrupulous in their hand hygiene, can cause us to get sick.

Ideally, reinforce hygiene habits during the winter, wash your hands a lot, not just the usual times such as after using the bathroom and before preparing food, also do it after being in contact with surfaces that are exposed to the public Like the subway bars, the handrail of the escalators, in the doctor … always carry a disinfectant cleaner in your bag, they do not take up much space and can save you from more than one cold.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Heat and cold blows affect the body and weaken it, so it is advisable not to go from one extreme temperature to another immediately so that the immune system does not falter. This is not easy when you go outside and it is a cold cold and when entering covered areas such as shops, public transport, theaters … the heating is full and you have to start taking off your clothes so you don't die of suffocation.

Try to keep the body temperature constant, at home it is easy because you can adjust the temperature with the thermostat, the ideal would be a temperature between 19º and 21º and to ventilate daily. On the street think if you are going to go for a walk or if you are going to use public transport, you go to shops or to the cinema for example, you saw according to what you are going to do and where you are going to go, for example if you are going to go for a walk In the middle of winter you can wear a thermal shirt and sweater and appropriate clothing, if you are going to spend time in the subway or the bus it is best to use the onion method to be able to take off layers and not suffer heat stroke.

Bye, bye stress

Excessive stress is one of the main factors of the occurrence of diseases since, if it is a continuous situation, it alters the immune system. Although it is very easy to say that you avoid stress it is not so easy to get rid of it overnight but you can learn to fight with some infallible tricks. We recommend you to exercise, practice relaxation techniques, meditate daily and start seeing life as a matter of priorities., planning in these cases greatly relieves the weight of stress.

Exercise and rest

In addition to helping to combat the cold, exercise is the best way to stay active, toned and strengthen defenses. Moderate exercise is always recommended since the intense causes a decrease in longer-term defenses that the moderate and there is no overcompensation, something that in the case of moderate exercise does happen.

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Sleep at least 7 to 9 hours a day, always depends on the needs of each person, It is very important to keep the body healthy and prevent microbes from installing easily. To facilitate the rest do not do intense physical exercise before bedtime, light dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed and turn off your electronic devices, read a good book or take a warm shower is always a good ritual to fall more easily in Morpheus’s arms.

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