Tips to take care of your eyes after many hours in front of the screen

Spending many hours in front of screens can cause vision problems. Whether you work with computers or spend a lot of time on your cell phone, it is important to follow a routine to care for your eyes. If you habitually feel tired eyesight, incorporate these habits.

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1. take breaks for your eyes to rest

Spending many hours in front of screens can damage our eyes. It is important to rest from them, especially if we spend many hours in front of the computer or at the cell phone.

Schedule breaks during work or study by setting an alarm so you don’t forget. Experts Recommend rest 5 minutes every 20 to 25 minutes from any activity that requires intensive use of near vision. If you can, take a day off of screens and enjoy the great outdoors.

2. reduce screen brightness

The intense brightness of the screens can affect the health of our eyesight. Adjust the brightness of your screen, looking for a comfortable point where you should not strain your vision and do not feel that it dazzles your eyes.

3. exercise your eyesight

After a long time in front of the monitor or screen of your mobile phone, exercising your eyesight is a good way to rest. There are several simple techniques to apply.

For example, try exercise distance vision, diverting your gaze from the screen to focus on a distant fixed point. This can be a landscape, the horizon line, or just an object in your house that is in another room.

Another useful exercise to rest your eyes is alternating near and far vision, helping you with your hands. To do this, place one of your palms in front of your eyes, with your arm extended. Observe it for a few seconds, then move your gaze away to focus on a fixed point in the distance for another few seconds. Repeat the exercise several times.

4. keep the screen at eye level

Your computer screen should be at eye level and at a safe distance. This will help you not strain your eyes, in addition to taking care of the cervical, since you will avoid keeping your head in uncomfortable positions for a long time.

5. do eye exams

Remember to check frequently to take care of the health of your eyes. Go to a professional for advice on the best way to prevent eye problems.

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6. avoid screens before sleeping

Putting aside screens before bed will help you To fall asleep more easily. Otherwise, try to reduce the brightness to gradually adapt the view to the dark.

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