Tips to strengthen the couple this holiday

Holidays are a great time to rest and enjoy family and friends, as well as to strengthen the couple and strengthen the bonds of friendship. But nevertheless, Why then in this period of the year increases the number of separations and divorces?

On vacation we spend much more time together, which can have a very positive effect if we get along, but very negative when the relationship is not going through a good time.

Throughout the year everyone is immersed in their work, in their routine, activities, family obligations … and that can mask possible problems in the relationship, pending issues that have remained unsolved, lack of communication, according to when spending free time, distributing vacations, interests found, incompatibility in tastes and hobbies …

If the couple does not arrive with homework done on vacation, it is more likely to break. The holidays will not be magical and will not solve for themselves all the inconveniences that have arisen throughout the year.

Other times we have too high expectations and, seeing that they are not met, we get frustrated and blame our partner.

What can we do to strengthen the couple this vacation?

Improve communication

Most of the difficulties the couple is experiencing come from communication problems. For this reason It is important to know how to work positive communication.

In communication, not only what we say is important, but:

  • How do we say it
  • How do we put ourselves in the situation of the other
  • How do we understand
  • How do we listen

The key to positive communication is knowing how to listen.

Create a climate of trust

It is very difficult to generate good communication and that we dare to say how we feel or the things that concern us if we have not created a climate of trust. It may seem very obvious, but there are many couples who have to create that climate of trust, reserve a space to talk, to communicate, to be together without distractions and, above all, without screens. This point is essential to strengthen the couple and that it begins to function as it should.

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Work empathy

Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in the place of the other, understand how you feel, understand what your motives and opinions are… And this seems obvious as a couple many times we forget, and not only that, but we use the other as a punching bag to unload our anger, sadness, frustration …

It's about learning to put ourselves in each other's shoes, taking into account your circumstances, feelings and emotions.

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Learn to ask for things

When we are in a couple, it seems that we assume that the other is a fortune teller or fortune teller and that he has to know what we want or what we would like. Well, that is not always the case; in fact, we are each immersed in our world, our problems, our day to day and, sometimes, we have not realized that the other person needed us. Therefore, asking for things is essential to strengthen the couple.