Tips to protect your hair in a dry sauna

Excessive steam on the hair weakens it, to the point of dehydration and breakage. Saunas contribute to the damage. Learn how to take care of your hair in these rooms.

Last update: May 24, 2022

Maintaining a healthy mane goes beyond cleaning it. There are specific times and places where your hair needs protection. For example, during drying or ironing. Likewise, protecting your hair in a dry sauna prevents it from splitting and losing nutrients.

These wet steam baths operate at temperatures that could affect hair follicles until splitting and drying the hair. Sessions in a sauna offer multiple advantages:

  • Clean skin through sweat.
  • Calm stress.
  • Stimulate the release of endorphins.
  • Promote blood circulation.
  • Relax so you sleep better.

Apart from these benefits, activate the precaution so that visits to such rooms do not damage your hair. We explain how.

Types of sauna

Depending on the type of sauna and the conditions of the hair, the consequences are evident to a greater or lesser degree. Currently there are beauty centers, clubs and beauty bar that have steam rooms of the following types:

  • wet sauna: It is the popular Turkish bath that mixes moist heat with dry heat. Among the advantages of its use are the relaxation of the muscles. It operates with temperatures around 70°C and humidity of at least 90%.
  • Infrared sauna: the heat it emits comes from infrared rays. Sometimes they are recommended as a complement to therapies for fractures and rheumatic pain.
  • ice sauna: They are cabins with walls or frozen blocks that maintain the temperature in degrees lower than the external thermal sensation.
  • dry sauna: they are also known as Finns. Find out more below.
There are different types of sauna. According to availability and the benefits sought, one or the other will be chosen.

What is a dry sauna?

the finnish rooms provide moisture in the air and heat through a light or an electric radiator that heats the volcanic stones. Unlike the Turkish cabin, they do not produce abundant steam.

Thanks to electrical resistances, the high temperatures of these saunas oscillate between 80 °C and 90 °C, while the humidity is below 20%. These ranges vary according to the height of the benches, since some halls have upper and lower seats.

Another peculiarity of dry saunas is that the humidity only increases by adding water to the stones. It is the moist heat that causes certain effects on the hair, such as frizz or breakage.

Recommendations to protect your hair in a dry sauna

Going to the Finnish cabins has its benefits. A medical study reviewed by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) indicates that frequent visits to the sauna could reduce the danger of high blood pressure. However, people with conditions such as heart failure and other chronic illnesses should not attend.

More associated attributes are the decontaminating action of the skin, skin renewal, muscle elasticity and relaxation. But not protecting your hair in a dry sauna has consequences that go beyond aesthetics.

Preserve the beauty of your hair by carrying out the following tips when entering these steam rooms.

Grease oil before entering

As armor against possible dehydration, use oils or hair serums. A little conditioner also lubricates and softens the fiber, notes a text from Professional Pharmacy.

The trick is to slightly dampen the hair and then massage in a few drops of the serum. Run a brush to untangle and distribute the conditioner evenly.

cover it up

Wrap the top of your head in a towel. preferably moistened with warm water on the edges. You can use a wool or felt hat.

As the steam warms the body, the pre-smeared hair mask does the work of conditioning. Even if you don’t use hair oils, cover it with a cloth to protect it from dry heat.


Coming out of the dry sauna wait at least half an hour before rinsing your hair. Do it with a neutral shampoo and cold water.

The Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology highlights that neutral soaps are suitable for keeping the scalp healthy. Since you moisturized your hair with an oil, you don’t need the usual conditioner during the wash.

Avoid the dryer and iron

In the days after the sauna session, keep your hair away from dryers and irons so that it is not subjected to more heat. When there is no other and you must use them, do not forget the thermal protector. If you have unruly hair, try styling creams, silicone serums, or spray conditioners.

Avoid dryers after the sauna to avoid adding heat stress to your strands.

Do not exceed the time in the cabin

Inside a dry sauna, the recommended time ranges from 15 to 20 minutes. Breaking the limit causes dehydration and further damages the appearance of your hair.

How does not protect your hair impact in a dry sauna?

As explained in an article in the magazine OffarmDue to its functionality, physiology and location, the hair is susceptible to environmental aggressions. Saunas are places where exposure to deterioration is constant.

After visiting these relaxation rooms, stick to extra conditioning to alleviate capillary conditions due to high temperatures. Keep enjoying, but take precautions.

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