Tips to prepare your body before the Christmas eaters

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the excesses, excesses in shopping, excesses in meals and drinks. We love spending time with our loved ones, but it is true that at this time of the year we concentrate many hangouts, canes, dinners, meals and tapas to say goodbye to the year and celebrate Christmas and this is a sum and continues that finally ends up taking its toll Body. The culture of eating and drinking in excess to celebrate not only increases the typical 2 to 5 kilos that usually get fat on average the Spaniards at Christmas, also cause burning, swelling, stomach upset, heartburn … uncomfortable symptoms that you can get rid of following some guidelines before the Christmas meal.


Beware of previous excesses!

Go chopping Christmas sweets the days before the dates indicated, those nougat, marzipan or polvorones that you want to taste again after a year, It is usually counterproductive because it makes you lose track practically a month, returning to your healthy routine afterwards is much more difficult that if you exceed only the most important days of the Christmas calendar. Leave the pieces of nougat and marzipan for Christmas food or to have something sweet on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. Leave the roscón de Reyes for the eve or the day of Reyes!


Tapas with friends, wines, dinners etc … make you constantly skip the diet, This makes you enter into a dynamic of thinking that it is only a few days and that you will go on a diet. It is much easier to moderate and indulge to commit excesses for a month that will be somewhat more difficult to amend.


If you have clear the days of commitments and your family reunions you can already organize your calendar of menus to be able to make a compensation diet those days that you will not commit excesses. Ideally, you cook yourself to be able to make light and nutritious elaborations based on real food, so the days you make an exception can be compensated without problem. You can exceed some meals a month but the rest of the days keep a healthy diet.


Drink a lot of water

Stay very well hydrated these days, especially if you are going to drink alcohol since it causes the body to become dehydrated. A well hydrated digestive system is much more efficient and you can better assimilate food and alcohol. Try to drink slowly if you drink alcohol, also interspersing water and, as a recommendation to avoid a hangover, it is preferable not to mix alcoholic beverages.

Water too it will help you to arrive less hungry at a meal, try drinking a glass of water before sitting at the table, you will feel more satiated and eat less.


Beware of strict diets

If you decide to make a very restrictive diet before Christmas you are going to get to the traditional Christmas meals and you are going to eat everything they put in front of you and more, since this type of hypercaloric diets causes a lot of anxiety.

Try to eat healthy and balanced the days before these meals, but without starving, choose satiety and fiber foods that help you regulate intestinal transit and to eliminate toxins.


do exercise

When you do sports, your body secretes hormones called endorphins or happiness hormones. These hormones produce immediate well-being and decrease appetite, so, in addition to burning calories, you will be avoiding excessive pecking the previous days to the Christmas holidays. It is also emotionally a way to avoid getting out of your healthy routine and have a lack of control over your habits and your diet. You are going to commit excesses, yes, but you can insert them by marking them on your calendar and the rest of the days continue with your lifestyle. In moderation and organization is the balance. Enjoy the parties!

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