Tips to make up your eyes depending on the shape and color

From tutorials to various makeup techniques are seen every day on the web, however, not all apply to highlight the true beauty of your eyes. Keep reading and discover how to enhance your look.

Last update: December 13, 2021

Makeup is usually a tool capable of transforming any face. When it comes to highlighting your eyes, layering your eyeshadow and eyeliner or having the best set of brushes isn’t enough. For this reason, learning how to make up your eyes according to shape and color is the best way to make your eyes shine.

There is something that makes a difference and that is applying makeup according to the color and contour of the eye. One aspect that is key in beauty professionals is that they know well what range of shadows to use.

We share some lessons to create a look eye-catching makeup without errors, with which you can accentuate the look and highlight the color of your eyes in the most appropriate way.

Tips according to the color of the eyes

There are some shadow colors that favor some eyes more than others. Remember that it is always necessary to apply a neutral base before putting the other color accents. Recognize what shade your iris is and get to work.

Brown eyes

These types of eyes have an advantage over the others and that is that almost all versions of shadows work well for them. However, if what you are looking for is to give depth to the look, blue and green tones achieve this desired effect. Also, bright colors like gold, when added to the tear duct area, can be very flattering.

Considering eye color for makeup is one step that differentiates professionals from beginners in the world of beauty.

Blue eyes

According to the color wheel, orange is the opposite of blue. So this is where one of the premises to choose shades of brown, terracotta or with some orange hue starts.

Also, neutral tones gain a plus when it comes to making up these eyes. Remember that in this type of eye color, the smoky ones or the eyeliner in black can generate a look very dramatic.

Green eyes

Contrast works very well with green eyes, that is, wearing a range of violets will create an attractive shimmering look, ideal for evening make-up. Other flattering shades include pink, bronze, rusty, and mahogany. Likewise, it is important to opt for eyeliners in brown and even silver.

Hazel and honey eyes

The iris of this type of eyes is usually quite chameleonic, changing even with light, which is a trait to take into account when choosing the correct shadow palette. The most desired are military greens, pastels and those with metallic pigments, that will make the look stand out even more.

Tips according to the shape of the eyes

The call eye frame can vary from person to person and this is an element to take into account when highlighting or hiding some characteristics. Here are some tips to make up the eyes according to the shape and without forgetting the color.

Small eyes

The trick here is to make them look bigger. A soft brown shadow at the base or even one that is two shades lighter than the color of the eyelid can work. And if it is about eyeliner, apply it as close as possible to the eyelashes; then pass the curling iron several times and voila.

Almond eyes

Symmetrical by nature, almond-shaped eyes have a shape that is easier to apply makeup. To give more light, apply the lightest shade on the entire eyelid. Now continue with the outline that goes from a very thin shape in the inner corner to an extension to the outer corner.

The call look Deep smoky is one of the makeup that best suits these eyes. Accentuate your lashes for a winning look.

Rounded eyes

Flashy and big. The round eyes make the mix perfect with a neutral color paletteHowever, to set the look, apply a darker tone to the crease. If the goal is to rip them up a bit, you need to use a thick liner only on the upper lashes.

Eyes apart

A great advantage is that any shadow is well suited to these types of separated eyes. However, since you want to create a bonding look, you need to be careful with the outline.

That is why the upper eyelid line should be thicker and the lower lash line delineated. Another way to cover up the separation is by applying dark shadows to the inner part of the eye.

Slanted eyes

The main advice here falls on avoid shadows of very light tones. Likewise, there are 3 keys regarding its application:

  • The lightest shade on the brow bone and tear.
  • A medium-toned shadow on the eyelid.
  • A darker shadow on the crease of the eye that goes to the center of the eye.

An additional trick is that the eyeliner is the greatest ally in this type of eyes. Definition and depth are his great contribution.

Droopy eyes

Light shadows and flashes of light on the eyelid make the difference. What’s more, a good idea is not to blur the shadow too above the crease, because it can be unflattering in your look.

Makeup is an art. If you learn to master it you will have a captivating look.

Do not forget the shape and color when you make up your eyes

To make up the eyes depending on the shape and color, please note that the final touch is given by a good mascara, as well as knowing and understanding what shadows and eyeliners are the right ones.

Find a guide to how the eyelid is divided. In this way, you will have more expertise when applying makeup.

In addition, it should be noted that there is always a type of makeup for each moment of the day. Do not get saturated with products. Have the necessary ones on hand and practice these tips every time you need them.

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