Tips to lose weight after 50 years

It is possible to lose weight from the age of 50 if you take into account a series of tips. It is important to optimize lifestyle habits to make the body work better, which will have an impact on health. We are going to present you the most useful tips, according to science.

Before starting, keep in mind that After 50, the human body undergoes a series of changes that affect its functioning. The productions of some hormones decrease, lean mass is lost, and nutritional needs change. Providing the substances that are needed through the diet will be key.

The first of the tips to lose weight at 50: increase the protein content

Losing muscle mass is one of the events of greatest concern after the age of 50. This generates a reduction in the basal metabolic rate, which impacts on energy balance, reducing calorie consumption.

To stop the catabolism of lean mass it is important to guarantee a high protein intake. This strategy has proven to be effective in preventing pathologies such as sarcopenia.

However, not only proteins matter. Unsaturated fatty acids are also determinants when it comes to muscle health. In fact, omega 3 have implications for stopping protein catabolism, which allows to preserve functional muscle.

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Cooking at home as a key tip to lose weight after 50 years

Cooking at home reduces industrial additives and better controls the composition of the diet.

We have to take into account that meals away from home always tend to be more caloric. In addition, it is likely that we do not know all the ingredients that are used for its preparation, as well as the healthiness of them.

It is optimal to choose fresh products of great nutritional value. Vegetables must always be present. Fish, in turn, must be one of the main protein sources.

When preparing the preparations it is necessary to opt for less aggressive cooking methods and without too much fat content, such as the iron, the oven or cooking in water or steam. With them the formation of toxic compounds that can be harmful is reduced.

Get enough sleep to lose weight

Sleep is a process by which the body is repaired from the damage suffered during the day. At this time, hormonal production is balanced and the body's tissues recover.

In this way, not getting enough sleep can affect your appetite the next day and metabolic expenditure. As stated in a study published in Obesity Reviews, poor sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, it is essential to vary habits, changing them for healthier ones. Similarly, there are some supplements, such as melatonin, that can generate a benefit evidenced by science.

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Avoid sugar to lose weight after 50 years

One of the key points in the fight against obesity is to avoid excessive consumption of sugar. It is one of the best tips to lose weight after 50 years.

This substance has empty calories, since its main function is energy. Its nutrient content is very low. The less it appears in the diet of a sedentary person, the better.

For this reason, it is essential to avoid the regular consumption of products with added sugars. There is evidence according to these increase the risk of developing diabetes and obesity.

An exceptional case is that of fruits. Although they have fructose in their composition, the concentration of it is low. In addition, they have fiber that regulates absorption at the intestinal level.

Another key tip: exercise

Exercising and maintaining an active life after age 50 is essential for reducing body weight.

Physical activity is essential to ensure an optimal state of body composition. Without taking care of this factor, it will be very difficult to achieve efficiency in the functioning of the organism.

Strength work is important, as it delays muscle loss, thus avoiding problems of a structural nature. At the same time, it is advisable to introduce an aerobic stimulus on a weekly basis. With this we manage to keep the heart active.

Perform occasional fasting

Intermittent fasting is all the rage. They manage to reduce insulin resistance, as well as prevent diabetes and obesity. If they are raised in the right way, they are an effective method to reduce the number of calories ingested on a weekly basis, unbalancing the energy balance.

Although there are certain limitations in the case of fasting, a large part of the population could benefit from them. It is essential to propose a comfortable protocol that allows them to be carried out without starving or generating anxiety.

It is possible to lose weight after 50 years

With the advice that we have given you, you will be able to lose weight from the age of 50. Although it is not as simple as in previous times, it is something possible.

It is only about taking care of habits to ensure that the body works optimally, thus avoiding aggressions at the dietary level. Remember that, if you guarantee a good diet, adequate rest and exercise regularly, you will achieve better long-term health.

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