Tips to go to the bathroom in the morning

Let's be honest. The intestinal transit It is one of the happiest things we do (and no, we are not exaggerating). What's more, constipation is one of the worst things that can happen to you; and more early in the morning. The more active your transit, the more you will go to the bathroom and therefore, the better you will feel at all levels. Well, although some people go to the bathroom without problems others need a little help from time to time.

How? Eating fiber-rich foods. But this is not the only tip. We tell you some more. If you have a very long trip in sight (now that holidays are the most important thing in our life) and you want to be relaxed and above all, not having to stop urgently at any time, read on:

Eat a lot of fiber

Although people do not believe it, the fambrásas are a great source of fiber.


It may seem obvious, but it is very necessary. Especially now in summer. Foods rich in fiber With high levels of water such as raw carrots, apples and avocados are a great source of fiber to improve transit.

Drink coffee

But do not overdo it either. That is, hot drinks such as a broth or a cup of tea will make you go to the bathroom. However, coffee is one of the best foods you can eat when you get up if you want to go to the bathroom before leaving home. The heat of coffee can stimulate bowel movement, however, the high levels of coffee caffeine stimulate the mobility of the colon.

The position, it matters

It may seem silly, but if you want to go to the bathroom in the morning, posture is one of the most important things. The ideal is to have your back forwards and your legs up. How? Put a small stool or a lift to your feet so that the duct is in a better position and you favor the evacuation, since with this posture the muscles of the area are stimulated.

Massage your belly

Pressure in the indicated areas can be the solution. A small massage will help you stimulate the area, yes, you must do it in a clockwise direction.

Stay hydrated

The Hydration is key at the time of going to the bathroom. Not only drinking water but also through the food you drink. And is that, one of the most widespread causes of constipation is dehydration.

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