Tips to follow to start 2021 with healthier habits

This year 2021 has new resolutions. First is the hope of leaving behind the pandemic that has been caused by the coronavirus. And secondly, there are the purposes that have to do with personal objectives. Being one of them leading a healthier life, therefore we teach you the best tips to follow to know how to start 2021 with Healthy habits.

Leading a healthier life implies doing more physical activity and especially, following a healthier and more balanced diet. It should not be forgotten that the days of confinement result in a significant decrease in physical activity. But not only that, sedentary lifestyle also increased and many people increased up to 3 kilograms in body weight.

However, it is not only necessary to focus on food to promote healthy habits, since sometimes it is necessary to consult a professional. In this way it is possible to achieve better results, in order to reach the established goal. Bearing in mind that the first thing that must be taken first, is motivation to want to achieve the objective.

Steps to take for a healthy 2021

Many will have already decided and assured that they want their life to be much healthier, not only to improve their lifestyle but also their health in general. Despite that, the question they ask is how to start a Healthy 2021 and with better habits? The answer to this question is to follow some tips to start this path:

Exercise by obligation

This is one of the clearest healthy habits, since you need to move your body to get the most benefits. And clearly, this activity is part of the healthy habits that should be followed. You have to do your best to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. The age of the person is one of the things that influence, as is the physical condition. Since they are factors that indicate with what intensity you can do sports activities.

Playing sports is a great help to maintain continuity, since it is an excellent incentive. Exercising offers benefits when it comes to general health care. Also providing states of satisfaction, due to the large amount of endorphins that is released.

Balanced diet

As is well known, people are what they eat, so the healthy eating by 2021 It is essential if you want to implement healthier habits. Eating a diet that is balanced is a fundamental element, especially for preventing diseases and feeling better. Some countries, such as Japan, are said to have a life expectancy, and this is mainly due to the diet they follow rigorously.

Following the example of Japan, this is a country where raw fish, many vegetables and rice are consumed mostly. Resulting in better health care, since eating habits are healthier.

Cooking at home

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Try to reduce the consumption of junk foods and also reduce the times you eat out. Cooking at home can not only be taken as part of the Healthy habits, since it offers the opportunity to select much better the foods that are consumed. Offering a better balance in the amount of nutrients obtained, thus avoiding possible deficiencies that may be had.

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Reduce the consumption of sugar and salt

It has been shown that both salt and sugar should not be abused. Many people use these two elements to season their food, but what they do not know is that they use a very high amount. To start implementing healthy habits then, you should reduce the consumption of sugar and salt. Doing this will offer greater control over pressure, as well as body weight.

Give up tobacco

Addictions are very far from following healthy habits to improve the quality of life, but in addition to that they are very dangerous. It could take advantage of the fact that there are more and more places where smoking is prohibited. Thus, there are greater chances of feeling better, since you can check your strength, not only mentally but physically.

Cut down on alcoholic beverages

There are people in the world who are not aware of the amount of alcoholic beverages they actually consume. That even becomes a case where they ingest a beer during each of the meals. It is not so difficult to count the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed during the day. And when it is too high, it will only be necessary to reduce this consumption. Thus it is possible to start this new year by applying healthier habits.

Avoid stress

Obviously, going through stressful situations is inevitable, but this is something that should be tried as much as possible. Healthy habits include significantly reducing stress. And to achieve this, you must first be aware of the existence of this drawback. Once the problem has been identified, the next thing to do is narrow it down.

Trying to lower work levels, as well as worries, is important even though it is not that simple. Excellent ways to achieve this is by applying relaxing activities, but especially those that make the body work better.

Regular medical check-ups

When people reach a specific age, it is advisable to carry out medical check-ups at least once a year. Doing this will help prevent health problems, as the tests will help you anticipate the presence of diseases.

Activate both body and mind

Activities like yoga are designed to be done by people of any age. Being also very complete, since they help both the body and the mind. Practicing yoga will allow you to gain more body flexibility, but at the same time you will learn to have a relaxed mind. Besides that, it will be of great help to find moments of calm in the daily routine.

Take time for yourself

Another great tip to follow to start 2021 with healthy habits is to invest some time in yourself. Exercising, resting for the amount of time needed, finding time to do activities that are enjoyable are just a few examples. But the most important thing is to take the time to do what you want.

Don't skip dinner

Whether it's wanting to lose some weight or as a way to live a healthy lifestyle, skipping dinner is not recommended. However, it is always advisable to eat before 9 pm. Dinner meals offer up to 25% of the calories that are required in the day, that yes, it must be light to avoid effects that are counterproductive.

Foods such as vegetables, lean meats, fruits, eggs or fish, are the most recommended to include at dinner. Including carbohydrates at dinner is also part of healthy habits. Although these should be in reduced quantities.

Meal planning

Starting 2021 with healthy habits, as already mentioned, implies paying more attention to what is consumed. Making a list when shopping for food and planning meals will make the diet more balanced. Apart from this, planning helps you to think better about the quality of food. However, there are some recommendations that should be put into practice:

Avoid going hungry to make purchases, in this way you buy the food that you really need, avoiding products that are ultra-processed.

Paying with money and not with the card could be a good way to better control what you buy.

Go to the supermarket when there are fewer people and without being in a hurry. Implementing this will help you spend more time detailing the labels, and searching for the most appropriate products.

Other measures to be implemented

– Downloading an application or purchasing a bracelet that serves to monitor the steps, among other things, is a great idea. They not only help you keep track of physical activity, they also serve as motivation.

– Eat fish at least once a week.

– Avoid the daily consumption of red meats or those that contain too much fat. Lean meats are the best option, but they should be eaten regularly and not as often.

– Eat at least 3 meals a day.

– Visualize the objectives you want to achieve and write the goals.


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