Tips to follow a healthy diet during quarantine without getting bored

Isolation by coronavirus has caused us to quickly adapt to a new situation that can pose many challenges on both a physical and mental level. Spending so much time at home can make the days begin to look the same and boredom and boredom are easy to fall into.. To avoid emotional hunger, eat out of boredom, and continue to eat as healthy a diet as possible, take note of these tricks so that a healthy diet during quarantine is not an unattainable pipe dream.

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Order and planning

Yes, the eternal lists, but what would we do without them? They are extremely useful and not only as an external memory tool, but They are a form of hygiene and unparalleled mental unloading as well as helping to be more aware of what we really need.. If you organize your menus well, you will avoid falling into unsuitable temptations such as constant snacking or avoidance of ultra-processed and / or sugary foods.

The team of nutritionists at Dorsia clinics recommend "stick to a stable meal schedule and, in addition, make a daily and weekly planning of the menus in order to bring about a more conscious diet." Dietary experts advocate configure an appetizing and pleasant menu that provides energy and peace of mind. Just what we need right now!

Different breakfasts

Eating breakfast at home can be a pleasure that until recently was relegated to the weekend so enjoy appetizing and attractive breakfasts every morning so that your days don't always seem the same like on groundhog day.

You can have breakfast like a queen making different combinations, like when you are in a hotel or in a healthy cafeteria. Take industrial pastries and processed and sugary breakfast preparations away from your diet. Nail banana and oatmeal pancakes, avocado toast with boiled egg and baby spinach or a bowl of muesli with fruit and vegetable drink with cinnamon They are very healthy and appetizing options so as not to get bored in your breakfasts during confinement.

Healthy snacking

Be very careful with your shopping list, anxiety and hunger can play tricks on you so keep a list if you are going to make a foray into the supermarket or have it at hand in your online orders. Forget about soft drinks and ultra-processed products and have healthy snacks on hand to avoid accumulating extra kilos due to indiscriminate pecking. They can be healthy snacks such as nuts, a green smoothie or smoothie, dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa (in moderation), fruit, pickles, edamame, or homemade cereal bars. We also encourage you to make attractive combinations such as dates stuffed with walnuts, apple slices with peanut butter, spiced kale chips, a coconut milk and berries smoothie with seeds or a canned tuna montadito with roasted peppers! yum!

What do we eat today?

You don't need to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to eat healthy and delicious. If you have trouble thinking about what to cook at lunchtime, you can make super colorful and colorful dishes in no time and easily. For example, a vegetable salad, some chicken and fruit skewers, some eggs on the plate or some stuffed aubergines in the oven. The trick to making dishes faster, without depriving yourself of a fancy meal, is to use canned goods and to have pre-cut and frozen vegetables in bags. The oven is also a great ally to make delicious dishes in a pis pas and without having to make great efforts such as a fish with a bed of sweet potatoes and onions or a recipe for vegetables such as ratatouille.

Always have wild food in tuppers to quickly prepare your dishes making different combinations. You can do this once a week and keep it in the fridge. Have cauliflower rice, ratatouille, homemade tomato sauce, boiled quinoa, boiled eggs, boiled broccoli, grated carrot … you can make dishes much faster and all healthy as a puree, a stir fry or a garnish for a portion of meat or vegetable protein. With the same stir fry you can make, for example, an omelette, the filling of some fajitas or make the floors of a vegetable lasagna.

Comforting dinners

A rich dinner always seems to be comforting, yes, be careful with the time you dine these days, remember to follow a meal schedule so as not to alter your routines. Leticia Carrera, technical director of the Felicidad Carrera center and nutrition expert, explains that: “Dinner should be about 30% of the calories we eat during the day. The ideal is to have a light dinner to favor the digestion process and facilitate rest. ”

If you do not know what light dinners could be good options to include in your healthy diet, we give you ideas for some dishes. Leticia Carrera proposes to give a chic restaurant touch to your table with a Baked salmon with soy sauce and honey accompanied by broccoli with a vinaigrette of dried tomatoes or a tartar of sea bass and avocado to include protein and vegetables at dinner. Planazo right?

And how about a whim? The team of nutritionists at Dorsia clinics invite us to satisfy those cravings, which appear at night when we are more relaxed, fooling our brain a little. A few zucchini mini pizzas cut zucchini slices and baked with a little tomato, oregano, tuna, and low-fat cheese are a perfect dinner. You can also opt for different vegetable creams or soups, which always comfort and are delicious and very nutritious, Accompanying them with a different topping like some turmeric popcorn or some crispy baked chickpeas with spices.

We don't know how long we will have to keep staying home but the time we have left you don't have to spend eating fast and anyway. Go mindful eating or slow food, and eat healthier in a more attractive way to take care of yourself more than ever during quarantine.

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