Tips to combat the Jet Lag

She is a mathematician, you are very enthusiastic about that dream trip that you have been preparing for months (or that has emerged at the last minute or you are flying for work) and, After landing, you arrive at your destination and fall exhausted when arriving at your accommodationYour circadian rhythms are altered and you do not feel well. Take note of these tricks so that jet lag does not knock you out.

What is Jet Lag and what are its symptoms?

It is the disorder that occurs when circadian rhythms are altered, that is, the mechanism that tells you when it is necessary to sleep or be alert. This internal clock is activated thanks to melatonin, since our organism is based on the behavior of light to know what amount of this hormone is necessary to segregate to stimulate sleep since at sunset the melatonin production increases. If we fly and change hours this biological clock is disrupted by the so-called jet lag.

While that transition is taking place that allows our body to adapt to the new schedules, you may feel some of the usual symptoms of jet lag such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, drowsiness, digestive problems, nausea, headaches and general ill feeling.

As a curiosity, this adaptation it costs less to the organism if we travel to the west and it will cost more to adapt if the flight is to the east. There are people more sensitive than others and in the same trip one could experience more symptoms than another.


Tips to avoid the Jet Lag

If you travel west (America), it will be easier to adapt but you can give your body a boost to help you. How you will have drowsiness in the afternoon, as a result of the time change, the ideal would be to expose yourself in the afternoon to natural light, although what you most want is to get into bed. So you will also soften the early awakening until you adapt to the new schedule.

On the other hand, if you travel to the east (for example to Asia), your body will find it more difficult to adapt the time so that the general recommendation would be to avoid light in the evening to minimize the difficulty of sleeping at nightYou can adapt to the schedule from before you fly by going to bed earlier if you are going to travel east, and later if you travel west.


One of the best tricks to successfully overcome jet lag is take melatonin supplements to help the internal clock to adjust. Take your melatonin capsules before sleeping at local time to rebalance your circadian rhythms.

Also the feeding during the trip and in those first days after the landing is fundamental. Bet on simple elaborations of easy digestion and real food such as fresh ingredients, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fruits, chia seeds, flax or hemp, vegetable milks, soups, detox juices …

Keep your body well hydrated at all times, on the plane you will notice that loss of water and you should go refilling liquid during the flight and also upon your arrival. Drink water, infusions, infused water, coconut water …


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Rest long before traveling, the previous days do not forget to practice meditation or even soft exercises such as stretching or yoga. If you have trouble sleeping light dinner, remove electronic devices from your room and opt for a good book and a relaxing aroma on the pillow like lavender oil. This way you can help your body readjust more quickly when you land on your destination. Bon voyage!

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