Tips to be a good husband

If you want to have a happy and lasting marriage, you need to be willing to get involved and work as a team with your partner. We offer you some tips to be a good husband.

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz on 04 October, 2021.

Last update: 04 October, 2021

Concepts such as family or marriage have undergone great transformations in recent years. What they mean, what people expect of them, is different from what we had in mind long ago. Being a good husband is no longer related to providing financially and materially; yes with meeting the emotional needs of the spouse.

The weather can be devastating for couples; If its members fail to transform infatuation into mature love, the relationship is likely to end in divorce. Even so, there are marriages that achieve lasting and happy bonds. What is your secret? We will share it with you below.

Characteristics of a good husband

As we have commented, being a good husband is something socioculturally determined, so it may vary depending on where and when we meet. Even so, in today’s Western societies we share the same vision and some of the most relevant characteristics that a spouse must have in order to enjoy a happy relationship have been studied:

  • It’s nice and friendly, promotes positive interactions in your relationship. This implies addressing the other person with tact and sympathy, prioritizing smiles, compliments and displays of affection over reproaches. Obviously we all have bad days and our moods can vary, but it is important that the overall dynamic of the relationship is smooth and pleasant for both of you.
  • Always keep in mind that he and his partner are a team. For this reason, he makes sure to take their needs into account and not be selfish. Faced with a discrepancy, he resorts to negotiation to seek the good of both.
  • Pay attention to your partner. You are genuinely interested in what this person is saying and doing, spending quality time with them, listening to their concerns, and being receptive and emotionally available.
  • You are able to see the best version of your spouse. Although we all have flaws and make mistakes, a good husband sees and appreciates the best qualities of his partner and knows how to overlook small mistakes.

Keys to being a good husband

Perhaps all of the above sounds a bit ambiguous to you. If you do not know how to land these qualities, we show you some important keys to implement in your day-to-day as a couple.

Marriage has a high sociocultural component, so the desirable characteristics depend on the time and place.

Be loyal

Your partner should know that you are always on their side and that despite conflicts or discrepancies you will not betray their trust. This not only implies being faithful to her, but also avoiding criticizing her with outsiders, staying by her side in bad times and prioritizing the relationship over other aspects. Loyal and trustworthy people build deeper, healthier bonds.

Be honest

Telling the truth can generate problems, conflicts or arguments with the couple; Nevertheless, it is imperative that we have the courage to be honest. Seemingly agreeing and acting differently behind your back will only create mistrust and damage when that truth comes out. Thus, if you are convinced that your ideas or decisions are valid, carry them out, but do not hide them.

Validate your emotions

Even if two people have a love relationship, they will not always always have the same opinion and perspective on things. For this reason, some of your partner’s claims or requests may be difficult for you to understand or you may not share.

Don’t minimize their sadness, anger, or frustration. Don’t tell him he’s exaggerating. Instead, listen to her without being defensive and try to understand why she feels this way.

Use assertive communication

Communication is essential for a relationship to work. This must be regular, fluid and respectful and always have the objective of reaching a consensus.

Thus, practicing assertiveness can help you expose what you think, feel and want in a way that your partner can receive and process it well. Much of the relationship problems arise from a lack of dialogue and many others from not using good manners when expressing themselves or making requests.

Discover their language of love and use it

Relationships need to be nurtured by love, but not all human beings express it in the same way. There are 5 different languages ​​of love and each of us has a predilection for one or more of them.

Thus, discover how your partner wants to feel loved and offer your affection in this way. You may be very wordy with your words, but if your partner needs physical contact to feel appreciated and welcomed and does not receive it, they will experience a lack.

Respect her as a person

When we bond with another person on a level as formal and deep as marriage, we are committing to love and accept her as she is. This means respecting her hobbies and interests, honoring the role of her family and friends in her life, allowing her to express herself as she feels most comfortable.

Definitely, is to be part of their personal development without hindering it. Control, prohibitions and limitations have no place in a love relationship.

Dialogue is always key. A good husband listens and responds assertively.

Being a good husband is a long-term job

Carrying out all of the above attitudes and behaviors can be simple at the beginning, when you are still discovering the other person and beginning to build a life together. Nevertheless, couples who endure and do so feeling happy and satisfied face a long-distance race.

Being a good husband is knowing how to be present every day, caring for and cultivating the bond with small gestures and details. In your marriage there will be happy, hard and painful moments. In all of them you have to remember that you are part of a team and that your good goes through the good of your partner.

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