Tips to avoid dry skin on hands by frequent washing

Hand washing is essential to preserve health. Currently, there is more awareness about the importance of this habit, since we have been able to verify the positive impact of having adequate hygiene.

This has meant that washing becomes much more frequent. And although it is very beneficial when it comes to taking care of ourselves, it can have a negative impact on the skin of the hands. In particular, they may feel dry or even irritated.

One of the keys to preventing this damage to the skin is in the choice of soap. We share this and other tips so that you can take care of your health and keep your hands soft at the same time.

How and when to wash our hands

Specialists recommend washing them before eating, when you get home from outside, after touching pets, before and after preparing food, after going to the bathroom and whenever we get them dirty.

Remember that we use our hands to touch money, handrails, doorknobs, buttons, and more. Many people come into contact with the same objects, so we can take germs from them that put our health at risk.

The correct way to clean your hands is to wet them, lather them, rub them together, clean their backs, and scrub their nails on the palms. Everything should last about 20 seconds minimum. Then it remains to rinse and dry. In all this process there are habits that we can incorporate to take care of the skin.


Skin irritation or dryness is manifested in a feeling of tightness, roughness, redness and even peeling or itching. Quitting the habit of washing your hands is not an option, but it is possible to take some precautions when doing it.

The first thing we can do is opt for a soap that not only effectively cleanses and removes germs, but also cares for our skin. Dove soaps, which contain 1/4 of the moisturizing cream, are a good option to keep your hands soft and hydrated.

Another factor to consider is the water temperature. Although during the cold months it may be more desirable to use it hot, to care for the hands it is better to open the cold tap. This is because heat reduces moisture and dries the skin.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the drying time. A good idea is to have a stack of hand towels in the bathroom and wash them frequently. Thus, they will always be soft and fluffy by the time we have to use them.

This last tip is not only good for taking care of the skin on your hands, but it is also good for preserving health. If the towels are clean and dry, they are less likely to collect germs and spread them.

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