Tips for washing a men’s suit at home

Men’s suits can be easily and conveniently washed at home. We offer you the options by hand and with a washing machine so that you can complete the task without problems.

Last update: October 15, 2021

The costumes can be worn on a daily basis or sporadically. Even so, they are high quality garments. Out of fear that they will wear out, people go to the dry cleaners for their care. But it is possible to wash a men’s suit at home.

Taking it to the dry cleaner is a great investment of time as well as money. But that is not all. Due to the use of chemicals used in dry cleaning, the fibers of the suit can be affected.

For that reason, we put together a series of easy methods to wash a men’s suit at home. If you follow them, you will avoid damage to the fabric and will keep the appearance of the garment intact.

How to hand wash a men’s suit at home

If suits are used every day, it is useful to know how to wash these clothes at home. Here are some basic tips so that the jacket does not lose its shape and is shiny.

Read labels

Understanding the material of the suit is key when choosing a cleaning method. For instance, wool suits are dry cleaned, so the washing machine should be avoided with them. This is because the wool fibers can adhere to the felt of the machine.

Suits are elegant garments, but many also have to wear them daily for their work.

Remove stains

If the stain is fresh and has not covered much of the surface of the suit, it can be treated at home. In this case, the garment should be spread on the floor and then a liquid soap or a splash of vinegar with water is applied.

To end, the previous mixture is left to act for 20 to 30 minutes and, after time, it is sprayed with warm water. A damp cloth is passed to remove the soap residue.

Brush the suit

This type of utensil is used to remove dust, hair debris, animal hair and even food particles that may have remained in the fabric of the suit. Also, a brush not only lengthens the life of the suit, but also allows you to stay visually cleaner.

Soak the garments

Fill a large, deep container with warm water and add a little liquid soap. Add the suit jacket or pants and leave on for 5 minutes. Finally, rinse the garment with cold water.

Dry properly

In this step, some towels should be placed on a smooth surface and, on these, the extended suit so that towels absorb as much moisture as possible. Once this is done, the garment should be hung on a hanger to dry in the open air, but away from direct sunlight.


To avoid wrinkles, the suit should be vaporized. In this case, it can be left on its perch so that it does not lose its shape. Then, run the drying machine at a safe distance from the garment.

How to wash a men’s suit in a washing machine

Although some fibers are forbidden for the washing machine, there are suits (especially the most contemporary ones) that can be taken to the machine. This, as long as it is done under the following recommendations.

Prepare the garments

Flip pants and vest so lint doesn’t get on garments. Then, roll them up, take them to a mesh bag. This will prevent parts from moving too much in the washing machine, which helps protect the fibers.

Choose the soap

The first warning is not to use soap powder, since it can be very abrasive with the fabric of the garments. Second, choose a neutral liquid soap, such as wool or cashmere shampoos, which will treat the suit delicately. For small loads use a tablespoon of soap per garment.

Schedule the wash

This is the tactic so that the suit does not spoil. Here you must choose a quick wash cycle, less than 30 minutes, smooth and with cold water. Garment fabrics are susceptible to high temperatures.

Protect the suit

Once the previous steps have been carried out, after the garment has dried and been ironed, they should be kept in a garment bag. This makes it possible to protect the parts from dust, moisture and even mites.

It is important to choose a wash cycle that is fast for the men’s suit. No more than 30 minutes.

Finally, before deciding to wash a suit at home, it is necessary to acquire all the tools that are needed for its proper cleaning. Remember that although the steps are simple, it is always better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations exposed on the garment label.

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