Tips for not getting fat during vacations

What a desire to vacation, the holiday period is absolutely necessary to disconnect and free yourself from worries, stress and accumulated tensions for months and months. You've earned it and that's why we're going to give you the best guidelines to disconnect and Enjoy your well-deserved rest enjoying the most but without returning dragging extra kilos.


Beach appetizers

If you are going to spend a relaxing day at the beach or the pool and you are going to take some snacks with you, it is best to take pickles, dried fruit, cherry tomatoes, sliced ​​fruit, ham, humus with crudités … you will soothe the hunger provoke baths and relaxation by exposing yourself to the sun, without succumbing to unhealthy foods like chips or bag snacks laden with additives that they are only going to wake up more the hunger and to accumulate kilos in the hips.


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At the beach bar or restaurant

If at mid-morning you walk by the beach bar or choose to eat at a restaurant, you can choose healthy food without leaving out delicious foods that will put the finishing touch to your vacation. Seafood, grilled prawns, ham portion, salad with avocado and grilled chicken, steamed mussels, oysters, knives, grilled sardines, cuttlefish … It is not necessary to go hungry, much less deprive yourself of the delicacies of the earth.

Ice cream yes, but ice

How rich are the ice creams and what a desire to sink their teeth. Choose ice sorbets or ice creams with fruit juices or, if you are at home, you can make your own ice cream with fruit, chia seeds, mint, oatmeal drink, dark chocolate … imagination to power! Who said ice cream gets fat?


Take advantage and move!

Being on vacation is no excuse for not exercising. While it is not necessary to crush in the gym all summer you can take advantage of swimming in the pool or the sea, running in the morning watching the sunrise, stroll along the shore barefoot, practice the sun salutation at the beginning day or at dusk … anything goes, You will feel more energized and in a better mood and your body will be fit although you have varied the daily routine.


Beware of alcohol

On summer nights you probably want to have a drink but beware! Cocktails and alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories that will add to your daily intake of food and that you will not be able to burn at the end of the day. Opt for non-alcoholic cocktails, healthy mojitos, fruit juices or sparkling water with lemon and mint. There are many delicious options that can brighten the night without adding calories and kilos to your credit.


The holidays are fabulous and to enjoy them but you can live to the fullest without returning with holiday depression and kilos of more difficult to return to the routine with energy. With these tips you will be able to live an unforgettable vacation without guilt invading you around the corner. Happy summer!

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