Tips for maintaining a healthy diet even if you don't like cooking

Although the time for the spoon dishes arrives (the lentil lovers are in luck) and making tuppers for the whole week is simpler, many times the routine, and the daily stress interferes between your healthy life and food the next day

And, even if you do your homework and on Sunday nights you dedicate yourself to doing 'batch cooking' there may be times that maintaining a healthy diet becomes almost a challenge. This, added to the fact that perhaps (like us) your hand in the kitchen is not the best, it can lead to a terrible end: the ultra-processed.

However there are tricks What you can do when preparing your meals, which in addition to helping you organize, will make you feel that you almost do not step on the feared stoves. Take note, because it can be very useful.


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Do not complicate yourself

Eating healthy is not complicated if you have the ingredients to make it. That is, you do not need to invest three hours in the kitchen to make three different stews, with the right foods, you can eat in a balanced way in a simple way. For example, we already told you a few days ago which was the best supermarket hummus. Well, choose the one you like best and put yourself in a tupper different crudités. You will have a healthy and balanced snack that can even work as a first course. No, you have no excuse because you can buy carrots already cut into small bars. The important thing is the raw material.

Do not obsess

Not because your classmates always carry spoon dishes, you have to do the same. Although you see, you need more nutritious elaborations, it is not bad to choose a simpler option. Boiled broccoli with cooked prawns, a chicken breast round and round. Even if you don't spend time in the kitchen, the dish shouldn't be boring. A very good option? Legumes such as quinoa or brown rice in a glass that is ready in the microwave in a minute.

Cook little, but cook

If you hate cooking, take it as one more task that you must carry out yes or yes. That is, on Sunday afternoons you can prepare five simple dishes for the rest of the week and combine them. Cook rice, legumes and make protein with vegetables. Purees and creams are also a very simple, nutritious and quick option.

Eat out, but with your head

Eating out is not bad. Moreover, there are more and more healthy possibilities to maintain a balanced diet away from home. Just don't be a habit, but don't ban it. You can always choose the healthiest alternative within the proposals and model it to your liking by removing or adding ingredients. The top is in your imagination.

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