Tips for learning to control climate change anxiety

The anxiety It is the worry and excessive and continuous fear in everyday situations. In this case, anxiety about climate change, in general, comes from overinformation about the subject, which leads to feeling, in some cases, panic and fear. These feelings clearly do not help the situation, nor are they pleasant.

For its part, University of Colorado, in one study, he argues that global warming and anthropological impact cause upheaval. The more worry, the more anxiety and the less agency.

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What is Eco-anxiety?

This type of anxiety is also called eco-anxiety. Unfortunately, even though environmentalists, of course, emphasize the importance of not making people anxious about climate change, this happens anyway.

Clearly, anxiety does not help in these cases, since all it does is paralyze people, and in this way does not allow them to act and do something about it. Day by day, information creeps in everywhere and somehow bombards us with catastrophes, plagues and all kinds of daunting data. For this reason, the ideal is to get down to work and actively contribute to the fight against climate change and not be afraid of the “end of the world”.

Despite these tips, for some people it is unavoidable and uncontrollable. In this case, the American Psychological Association created a guide to help those who work in the area of ​​mental health, including information about support groups for those suffering from eco-anxiety.

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How to overcome Eco-anxiety?

Likewise, it is important to identify where the anxiety about climate change comes from and that the information we obtain is to think and then act. The key is to experience those moments in an entrepreneurial way. Some ways to take action and leave anxiety behind can be:

  • Manage waste, compost and know your ecological footprint.
  • Initiate the transition to vegetarianism or veganism.
  • Choose brands cruelty free.
  • Buy in a sustainable way avoiding plastic as much as possible.

These are just a few ideas to start the change and take action!

And you, did you ever feel anxiety about climate change?