Tips for healthy aging

Aging in a healthy way is something that can be achieved if the right measures are taken in time. Old age does not have to be synonymous with illness and discomfort. Although there is a deterioration, the truth is that it does not have to be so severe.

It is a fact that life expectancy has increased throughout the world. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that between 2015 and 2050 the number of people over 60 will almost double in the world.

Today there are many elderly people who lead an active and full life. For this to be possible, it is necessary to age in a healthy way. This is achieved by incorporating proper habits that minimize the natural decline of the body and mind.

On health and aging

Aging is a natural process that involves physical and psychosocial changes.

The aging it is the effect of the accumulation of molecular and cellular damage. It leads to a decline in physical and mental abilities, while creating a higher risk of disease. Age is not always the factor that generates all this.

Old age is also accompanied by a series of psychosocial changes. The most prominent are the termination of working life and the gradual reduction of the social circle of peers. As we age in a healthy way, all these changes become relative. Now, what are the factors that affect healthy aging? Let's see.

The biological factor

It is clear that the biological factor affects aging, but this cannot be generalized. There are people in their 80s who are in better health than those in their 30s. This is greatly influenced by genetics and, especially, lifestyle.

Anyway, it is common in old age to have a loss of acuity in the senses, as well as more musculoskeletal problems and chronic diseases. Depression and some forms of dementia are also more common at this age.

The environment

The environment is decisive for healthy aging. This affects from before birth even. It is closely related to the acquisition and maintenance of proper life habits and has a major impact on people's mental health.

In addition, environments make it easy or difficult to carry out daily activities such as, for example, the use of public transport.

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Not all people can access health care on equal terms. This is a deficit that accumulates throughout life and influences the quality of life in old age. At this stage, the availability of health services is decisive and is not always available.

WHO advocates for chronic care systems in all countries and for all people. For this to be possible, governance, infrastructure and trained personnel are required. Together, this can offer a better quality of life for older people.

Stereotypes and discrimination

It is usual that prime the imaginary that older people are dependent and unproductive and that, therefore, constitute a burden on society. This leads to discriminatory attitudes against the elderly in many cases, which in turn makes it more difficult to age in a healthy way.

State action

Governments are also a factor that favors or hinders healthy aging. Attention and timely response to the needs of older adults influences the quality of life at that age.

The state must be a participatory actor on the issue. In particular, it is important that it offers solutions to the elderly who are in deprived or vulnerable conditions.

Tips for healthy aging

Healthy lifestyle habits, such as a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, contribute to healthy aging.

There are several aspects that are key to aging in a healthy way. They have to do with habits and attitudes that favor quality of life. The most important are the following.

Physical activity

It is best to do moderate physical exercise every day. The walks are a good option. Against this, experts recommend half an hour of daily walking or the equivalent of 5,000 steps a day. There are applications that allow you to measure this accurately.

Physical activity helps keep muscles in shape and regulates body weight. Ideally, these routines start from an early age and they stay forever.

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A balanced diet

Diet is a determining factor for good health. The diet must be varied and balanced, with a high content of vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains. The more natural and less processed the foods, the better. It is convenient to reduce the intake of fats and sugars.

Less stress and more healthy habits

Stress is not good at any age in life. Aging in a healthy way involves knowing how to enjoy the present and be at peace with yourself.

Hobbies, reading, good conversation, and meditation practices are great ways to achieve balance. It is important to abandon the consumption of harmful substances such as tobacco and do not overindulge in alcohol consumption.

Participate and occupy the time

As it happens in childhood, also in old age, gambling plays a very important role. In addition to allowing you to socialize and spend pleasant moments, it also helps to keep your cognitive abilities active.

It is not convenient to isolate oneself but, on the contrary, to participate in community life. Going around with friends and doing activities with them is great. Learning new things, going out for walks, and spending time on creative and productive tasks go a long way toward aging in a healthy way.

Healthy aging is possible

Aging in a healthy way is something that is achieved to the maximum extent when a person prepares with time and adopt healthy lifestyles before reaching old age. The earlier healthy habits are built, the better quality of life there will be in the golden age.

There are few cases of people who realize their most precious dreams in their old age. Taking a long and enriching journey, winning an Olympic medal or graduating from college, in addition to many other things, is possible at this stage. It is not an age to decline, but to be realized in new dimensions of life.