Tips for having sex when people are at home

Not everyone can afford to live with their partner in an exclusive space for both of them. This can make it difficult to find moments for intimacy as a couple and, in the long run, deteriorate the quality of the bond. Therefore, we share several tips for having sex when people are at home.

Some people do not feel comfortable with this type of practice when there are other people at home, whether they are roommates, children or other relatives. However, it can be difficult to have moments alone and for this reason intimacy as a couple should not be abandoned

Although we have to be respectful and considerate in coexistence, The benefits of sexual relations both at the individual level and at the level of affective bonding are numerous. For this reason, it is important not to neglect this aspect and try to adapt to the circumstances.

Resort to oral sex

Oral sex can be a good way to enjoy intimacy.

Oral sex is an interesting alternative to have sex when there are people at home. First of all, because it helps us to get out of the routine and to experience new sensations. But also because It allows us to be more discreet, silent and, therefore, more respectful with the rest of the home.

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Make silence

Whatever sexual practice we plan to carry out as a couple, silence is one of the main keys. Not only out of respect for the rest of the cohabitants but because, in this way, we avoid being surprised, interrupted or reproached by others.

Therefore, although sometimes it is complicated control the vocal expressions of pleasure, we have to make an effort. The idea is that what happens in privacy is only between the participants.

Make sure the mattress doesn't rattle

However, our audible manifestations are not the only ones that can disturb others. Also important check that the sound of the mattress (and any other element of the bed, such as the headboard) does not disturb the atmosphere in the home.

If noise cannot be avoided, consider having sex in a location other than the bed, provided that is possible without disturbing other household members.

Choose traditional positions

Routine is one of the main enemies of sex and, for this reason, it is important to innovate in the sexual practices and positions we perform. However, perhaps it would be preferable to reserve this creativity for moments of greater intimacy.

When there are more people at home, the ideal would be that we opt for traditional postures that we know with certainty will allow us to maintain discretion.

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High hours of the morning

The choice of time is also a relevant matter. At certain times of the day, the activity at home will be greater; and, therefore, during these periods we are more likely to be interrupted.

So, those hours in which the rest of the people in the home are resting can provide us with extra privacy. However, we must consider that at that time the prevailing silence will be greater and we will have to respect the dreams of others.

The mobile, in silence

Silencing the mobile phone is an important practice when we want to have a moment of intimacy as a couple. Not only when it comes to having sexual relations but whenever we look for a space for real connection with the sentimental partner.

In this way, we will avoid distractions and we will be able to focus fully on the presence and company of the other. But, in addition, this way we will ensure that no sound will draw the attention of the rest of the cohabitants to our bedroom or the space that we have chosen.

Tips for having sex at home when you have young children

Couples with young children may find it more difficult to find appropriate time and space for sexual intercourse.

Infants are still very dependent on adults, they need almost constant attention and supervision. Even so, there are some tips to avoid neglecting the sexual life as a couple while the children are young.

Establish a routine

Routines and schedules are positive and necessary for children as they provide security and stability. But, in addition, they can become the best allies of the couple.

If we know the times when each member of the family will be doing each activity, it will be easier for us to plan an intimate encounter. At night, After putting the children to bed, each couple has valuable time alone.

Be proactive

Similarly, forecasting can save you a lot of trouble and inconvenience. So, Before we start we should make sure we have everything we need so we don't have to leave the bedroom later. And of course we shouldn't forget to close the door.


As in the general recommendations, in this particular case it is also important to try to be discreet and quiet. Despite being part of the same family, it is preferable that children do not hear anything that may alarm them or lead them to seek attention.

A matter of personal preference

Despite all the above, there are people who are not comfortable having sex when people are at home. In those cases, there is no need to insist. Sexuality must be free and enjoyed by both.

With the passing of time, new spaces of intimacy will be opened that will allow a satisfactory meeting without the proximity of other family members or cohabitants. Meanwhile, it only remains to maintain the couple's connection through displays of affection and communication.

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