TikTok beauty tips you shouldn’t follow

Applying the beauty tips spread on social networks and promising magical results right away could harm you. We reveal some viral cosmetic tricks that you should run away from.

Last update: April 18, 2022

A quick and easy way to find skincare tips is through social media. Nevertheless, Not all tricks on the internet are suitable for everyone. There are risks in this express cosmetics, especially in some tips TikTok beauty.

The tricks have popularity due to the viralization and the amount of little hearts approving the supposed effectiveness. But the results vary and what ends well for some, disadvantages those with a particular skin condition.

Among the premises of the videos, it stands out that the main products or ingredients serve any individual, when the reality is that each skin demands substances appropriate to its needs.

Importance of choosing suitable products for your skin

The American Academy of Dermatology breaks the misconception that associates the use of expensive cosmetics with effectiveness. This institution proposes a care approach based on 3 simple lines:

  1. Cleaning.
  2. Hydration.
  3. Skin care.

It is not about looking for the most expensive brands, but the components that favor facial health and that they comply with the triad suggested by dermatologists. It is unlikely to get a single all-encompassing article without risk.

So it is a mistake to blindly believe in the tips of TikTok beauty that, with just one element, ensure the rejuvenation or the definitive change in the appearance of your skin.

TikTok beauty tips not recommended

TikTok is a Chinese social network that, among other purposes, makes you laugh, teaches you to dance and offers countless tutorials beauty. Although it is positive that they motivate people to take care of their skin, the user does not have a prescription issued by a specialist evaluate each case. In this sense, it is advisable not to resort to the following tips viral.

The vertical video social network is captivating for its immediacy and ease of use, but not all of the advice on it is useful.

skin icing

More than 10 million Internet users clicked I like it in demonstrations of skin icing, a presumed way of plumping and sculpting the skin. The recommendation is to pass ice cubes over the face so that the cold tenses and contracts the dermis.

At first glance it seems harmless; however, irritation and redness are consequences of the change in temperature due to rubbing against ice.

drink chlorophyll

With more than 360 million views, the label #chlorophyll attributes to the intake of chlorophyll improvements in the appearance of the skin and the ability to reduce weight. The method suggested on the net is to dissolve the substance in juices or water.

But experts assert that the effects may be due to the fact that the consumption of abundant liquids is favorable for this purpose, but not the chlorophyll itself. There is no scientific evidence to support the properties of the substance as an ally to lose weight or beautify the skin.

face shaving

Also known as dermaplaning and raises periodically shave the face to help facial circulation and to the best state of the pores. The detail is that, by shaving once, the commitment is forever.

In addition, passing the razor over faces with acne or other pathologies worsens the situation. This, without counting on the fear that the hairs are born thicker.

Those who use this technique are usually women looking for an immediate solution to hirsutism, a condition characterized by excessive hair growth.

acid mix

In skin care routines, some content creators suggest not combining glycolic acid with salicylic acid to avoid redness. But the 2 ingredients in certain concentrations have good effects.

The recommendation in this scenario is to let specialized aesthetic centers take care of applying the formulas, according to the requirements of each patient.

slugging and Vaseline

This trend supposedly hydrates dry skin. The tiktokers they promote it as a Korean beauty secret. It consists of spreading Vaseline on her face at the end of the night facial routine.

Likewise, the Chinese social network spreads material alluding to the use of Vaseline to remove blackheads from the face and soften scabs. Against it, dermatologists warn that this jelly forms a hydrophobic barrier, clogs pores and could cause acne breakouts.

brush your lips

Toothbrushes are not the best lip scrubs. The mouth is a mucous part, so don’t fall for the lip brushing trend in search of softness and volume. Check for products designed for this purpose without causing damage to this area.

SPF contouring

The label #beautyhack leads to videos that teach how to apply facial sunscreen to the areas where the makeup highlighter goes, emulating the technique of contouring. The purpose of this trick is that the protected areas are less tanned than the others.

The veracity of the SPF contouring it is not verified. It is impossible to regulate the amount of sunlight that each part of the face receives by applying more or less sunscreen. At most, you point out areas that will wrinkle sooner or be more flaccid because you stop using sunscreen.

The use of sunscreen only in some areas of the face does not ensure a contouring effect like that achieved with traditional makeup.

peeling red

What favors some skins harms others. It’s what happens with the Peel Solution ® that markets The Ordinary® and that is viral on TikTok. The red substance contains a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and is not tolerated by all skin.

It is true that the effect peeling it is noticeable in many people, but sensitive dermis may respond with considerable irritation or burning. The correct thing is to use the product if a dermatologist authorizes it.

Granites, ice and hot water

Covering pimples with ice and a cloth of hot water will not remove them. Specialists believe that it is a deception in networks and that the indicated option to treat pimples is a drying cosmetic that speeds up disinflammation.

Microneedling home

Apart from being counterproductive, this is one of the tips of beauty of TikTok more dangerous. The microneedling at home involves the use of microneedles or a derma roller to pierce the superficial skin of the face and stimulate the generation of elastin and collagen.

If the tools are not handled by professionals, the risk of skin damage is greater. In addition, you can suffer allergic reactions to the impregnated serum after the punctures. There is also a chance of wound infection.

How to know if TikTok beauty tips are safe?

It does not mean that any suggestion in networks is counterproductive, but it is essential to inquire with a health professional about any tutorial of beauty spread on channels like TikTok.

Other ways to verify the certainty of the effects are to review scientific sources and make sure that the person promoting the treatment is a doctor.

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