Three acupressure points that will help you solve the swelling of the gut after the Christmas excesses

You have fallen back into temptation and your swollen belly and heaviness of stomach so they give it away. It's time to use an easy-to-use, emergency remedy to fix that uncomfortable swelling, and is there anything easier than using your own hands to massage yourself? Today we suggest that if you feel swollen, activate these three acupressure points taken from traditional Chinese medicine: they are the same as those used in acupuncture to benefit the digestive system and help you through a bad time.

Acupressure points for a swollen gut: the zusanli point

In addition to intervening in the circulation of energy in the body, traditional Chinese medicine states that massaging this point can reactivate the proper functioning of the abdominal organs. To put this theory into practice, place two fingers of your hand at a point located about 7.5 cm below the patella of the right knee and about 2.5 cm outside the bone. Make circular movements for three minutes before moving to the left leg to massage the same point in the same way.

Acupressure points for a swollen gut: the sanyinjiao point

On the back of the leg, 7.5 cm above the ankle bone, is this point that governs the function of the organs that are located in the lower abdomen. Locate the point on the right leg and massage it with circular movements and a little pressure for two minutes before proceeding to repeat the operation on the same point on the left leg.


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Acupressure points for a swollen gut: the qihai point

We go to the root of the problem by locating this point that is about 4 cm below your navel. The qihai point is able to reactivate our energy and, most importantly at this time, squid abdominal pain. Follow the same dynamics as in the rest of the points, but in this case do not exert too much pressure because it is a very sensitive area.

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