This velvet chair ideal for your living room looks luxurious, but it costs less than 40 euros in the sales, it sweeps on Instagram and it does not stop running out

The opulent aesthetic has crept into our homes to put a luxurious touch to the most special corners. However, those very expensive pieces that were previously only found in exclusive stores and antique dealers, have come to the low cost deco ready to recreate in our home that stately air and with a retro touch that is once again the protagonist of this year’s deco trends. Primark Home was the first that made us dream of a hall full of velvets and golden touches and now we find in Lidl (yes, in Lidl) the most elegant chairs for a dining room that will be the envy of your friends.

Lidl’s velvet chairs are discounted to 38.90 euros. / lidl

Can minimalism be opulent? Of course, yes, and so dictated by the trends that will set the pace for decoration this year. Simple lines are covered with luxury through noble materialss that look back and bring back designs of retro aesthetics. Velvet becomes the real protagonist, with the permission of El Dorado, of the most special stays. And that is why these chairs with a functional design and luxurious finish from Lidl, perfect for the dining room or for an elegant corner of the living room, are being a real success: they do not stop running out in their online store and they sweep Instagram. Of course, their price is largely ‘to blame’: they are lowered to less than 40 euros And, without a doubt, no one will think that these pieces that seem to be taken from an antique shop in London or Paris have actually been found in the same supermarket where you buy the chicken.

Lidl’s velvet armchair is discounted to 124.99 euros; the benches with storage, at 44.95 euros and the stools, 129 euros (two pieces). / lidl

But beware, Lidl’s deluxe bargains to dress our luxury living room do not remain in this chair: there is a whole deco line with velvet as the protagonist that delights decoration lovers (if I am). Stools for the kitchen island (we are fans of the ‘open concept’ spaces that unite living room and kitchen), armchairs to create an elegant reading and relaxation corner or benches with storage (yes, always to the versatile and functional pieces!) For a hall that looks like a magazine, these are just some of the low cost whims that we plan to give ourselves to kick off the year in a big way. Do you Will Lidl be our new favorite ‘cheap & chic’ decoration store in 2022? Let Primark, Zara or H&M Home have