This teacher took care of his student’s baby so that he could receive classes

This man demonstrated that beyond giving lessons on subjects, teachers transmit the most fundamental values.

Last update: 25 January, 2022

Being a teacher is one of the most beautiful and important vocations, because it consists of helping to form good people. Therefore, apart from leaving teachings on the subjects, it implies transmitting the essential values ​​of life.

In this way, teachers become one of the most relevant guides for people. They allow them to know how to apply each learning in life and show them the correct ways to behave.

This was reflected by Julio Cruz, an Argentine professor who teaches at the Republic of Panama School of Commerce. This, because with her actions she allowed one of her students to get ahead.

Below we share all the details of the moving story of what for many is “the best teacher”.

teacher’s help

Moira Hinojosa is a student who gave birth without having finished all of her studies. Because of this, since she had no one to leave her son with at home, she began to have two responsibilities.

For that reason, made the decision to take the baby to the institution to be able to care for him while he attended classes. This determination did not cause any problems, as all the classmates understood the situation, accepted the boy and made him feel welcome.

However, it was a reality that Moira could not attend to all the details of the class for not neglecting her son. Therefore, an angel appeared in his life that allowed him to solve this problem.

It is the teacher Julio Cruz, who proposed the idea of ​​taking care of him while she paid attention to her classes. This, with the aim that she would not be distracted at any time and could continue to perform.

In this way, the teacher in all his classes carried the baby with one hand and carried the work material in the other. Thus, he gave all his attention to the child and he also continued to fulfill the mission he had with the students.

Also, best of all, the teacher carried out that noble gesture throughout the semester. As a result of that fact, the baby was always well cared for, he felt protected and the student was able to pass all subjects without problems.

The story went viral

With that action, Julio earned the respect of all the members of the institution. He, well, he taught each one what it means to act with empathy and serve the environments that are inhabited.

In addition, he conveyed to them that it is important to take the time to understand the needs that each person has. That way you can find the right means to provide quality help.

Because of these significant lessons, one of the members of the educational entity, identified as Ángel Bahiano, shared the story on his social networks. A) Yes, in that space he recognized that the teacher is a great demonstration of what the vocation means and generosity.

Soon after, all Internet users began to get excited about the publication and congratulated Julio. In view of this, from that moment he won the title of “best teacher” in the institution and in society.

Final reflection

This moving story is the faithful reflection that the vocation of teachers transcends the classroom. Well, at all times they are willing to offer their help so that other people are filled with knowledge and well-being.

Therefore, they are vital in the progress of society. They transmit to others how to live well and united to grow day by day in community.

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