This summer protect your eyes with the right sunglasses

In summer, we protect our skin. And the eyes? The excess radiation It can cause keratitis, dry eyes and even cataracts or macular degeneration. To save your look, choose your Sunglasses.

1. Buy in specialized centers. The glasses of street markets and general stores are not homologated and can even be harmful.

2. Search the CE seal, which certifies that they comply with EU regulations.

3. Choose the filter suitable to your lifestyle: 0 (20% reduction in light, comfort glasses); 1 (20-57% reduction, city); 2 (57-82%; outdoor sports); 3 (82-92%; beach, sea and mountain sports); or 4 (92-98%, high mountain and intense water sports).

Customized crystals

If you have the delicate eyes, you can add more protection to your sight in these summer months by choosing the right crystals: photochromatic they darken more or less according to the intensity of the light and the ultraviolet radiation; the mirrored they reduce the reflections and the polarized ones avoid glare.