This should be done if you want to sneeze and wear the mask

Masks have become a necessary and essential complement in our lives. Many people take their expiry date at face value and never reuse them, and others have already joined the trend of buying them with designs and drawings to include filters. During the first wave they were mandatory, and nowadays we have gotten used to them a bit, because now we know more about the virus: it is spread by respiratory droplets that are generated when someone speaks, coughs or sneezes.

Although we are getting used to its use, many natural questions still arise when we do it, such as everything related to practicing sports with them or if it is truly effective take them on the street if then we are going to take them off on a terrace. Unlike in Asia, where they were standardized due to previous epidemics, we still have a lot to learn about it.

Once you sneeze into the mask, the duration of its effectiveness will be less. That is why it is a good idea to bring a support

For example, what do you do when you sneeze and you are wearing it? In addition to the taboo that needs seem to have become such as coughing or sneezing when they arise in public, the natural thing would be to think that we should keep it on when we do it, to avoid precisely spreading those aforementioned droplets. However, when push comes to shove, it seems a bit gross to sneeze on yourself and have to keep living with the snot and saliva rubbing against your upper lip.

Can it be dangerous to sneeze many times?


The upper lip has been a great victim during the pandemic, since in summer it has had to overcome high temperatures and has sweated without complaining. From El Confidencial we have spoken with the preventive doctor, María Sainz, to find out what a medical expert thinks about it. She, however, advocates sneezing into the mask despite the reluctance it may provoke: "Imagine that a child has a sneeze, there is no time to explain that he has to bend his elbow to protect himself. it is more hygienic to do it with a mask on, and you probably have time to put paper in your mouth when you see the sneeze coming. "

We must get used to doing the elbow bend to cough or sneeze and thus avoid the hands

However, it also seems important to you that get used to doing the mandatory elbow inflection instead of using your hands. "Are you alone at work and you sneeze without wearing a mask? Elbow and tissue, if possible. If we get used to it, it will be much more hygienic, since we constantly use our hands to touch things or other people. we continually bring them to our faces. " This basic standard started with the pandemic since hands must be kept sanitized to prevent the spread of the virus, because according to studies we frequently wear them to our faces (up to 3,000 times a day!).

A recent article published in 'Mel Magazine' also covered the subject, and this time it was the manners expert Tomas P. Farley who answered. As he explained, you could lower your mask to sneeze as long as you met "the sneezing standards you had before the pandemic." "You should stay away from people if you are with someone and sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid dispersion of particles from your nose and mouth."

But Dr. Sainz continues to bet on masks. "It is likely that this year the influx of flu will be less due to the fact that we are protected with the mask. Of course, you must also bear in mind that, once you sneeze into the mask, the duration of its effectiveness will be less. Not only by COVID but by other organisms that we have been able to expel during sneezing, so it is advisable to carry other support mask in a pocket or purse. Above all, discard the hand, "he concludes.