This man went into shock from drinking cold water. Now he seeks to make us aware

In the northern hemisphere, warm temperatures will continue throughout the summer, so it’s important to take care of the heat, including getting a tan and drinking plenty of water. That’s what Adam, from Texas, tried to do, who is now trying to help others after learning a fact that few know.

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Source: Facebook

What happened to Adam?

Adam Schaub, from Texas, United States and a young father of three, began to turn red when he worked in the sun cutting logs with his father, decided to take a break and cold water.

However, he soon realized his big mistake, and now through his Facebook he has tried to warn others about the dangers of consuming very cold water when the body is very hot.

Adam’s father was worried about him as they worked in the scorching heat, so he recommended that he sit in the air-conditioned car to cool off.

did this and drank two bottles of cold water very quickly. But in a few minutes began to feel extremely ill and “strange”.
Speaking to local media, he said: “It was strange because after I swallowed both bottles of water, my head got a bit cloudy and I felt confused.
He further added: “My hands and feet were tingling, and they felt numb, my stomach was also upset.”

Luckily, his father had seen what was happening and ran to help him. Adam was unconscious for a few minutes. His father called an ambulance when he saw that Adam had blood on his face..

“I heard him talking in the background, but my body felt asleep.”


Dr. Sarah Jarvis, Clinical Director of, explained what she believed had happened to her: “If you drink something very cold, very fast, the cold on the palate stimulates the nerves. That in turn leads to rapid contraction, then expansion of the small blood vessels in the paranasal sinuses. The specialist added: “The brain interrupts the messages of these nerves because the same nerve supplies your forehead.”

In addition, he explained that normally this causes sudden pain and can make you feel dizzy.




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