This is what the number of hours you sleep says about your health

Sleeping a lot during the weekend can not repair the damage of a week or several nights of sleep deprivation. It is important to keep this in mind, since many of the diseases we suffer have a significant link to lack of sleep. For example, Alzheimer's, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety and even suicide.

All the important physiological systems of our body and each network or operation of the mind undergo a general revision during the dream.

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In this article you will know the relationship between the amount of hours you're sleeping and what that says about your health. In this way, you will be more aware of sleeping the right amount of time.

If you sleep 2 to 3 hours one or two days a week

Drowsiness impairs your ability to watch. The same thing happens when you have alcohol in your blood.

Memory and your ability to concentrate decrease significantly.

If it is a weekly habit, it is likely to be related to problems such as obesity.

If you sleep 5 hours daily

Increase the activity of your sympathetic nervous system and the probability of suffering from hypertension.

You are likely to have problems such as glucose intolerance and diabetes.

Leptin secretion is reduced and coronary heart disease is exacerbated.

If you sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day

Your metabolic, endocrine and immune system will have time to recover.

Your biological clock will not alter abruptly.

You will have more natural sleep cycles.

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To sleep too much is not the solution either, since different studies have revealed that this could be a warning signal that something is missing in your basal health.

After 50 years of scientific research, the question is no longer "what does the dream do for us?" if not "what does not the dream do for us?"

How much should you sleep to feel good?

One of the problems of lack of sleep is that at the moment you do not realize the damage that is causing you.

You should sleep at least from seven to nine hours. With less sleep, your immune system and your cognitive performance will begin to be affected.

We are the only species that deliberately deprives itself of sleep for no apparent reason. This is why even a single night of bad sleep can affect our body and our brain.

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