This is what happens to your penis as you turn years

There are large and small. Fat, skinny and of all sizes. But what is clear is that this organ, located in the south of the male body, is the favorite of its bearers, since in addition to serving to generate offspring, it produces sexual pleasure.

This is not the story of what could happen to your virile organ. No strange accidents or promising formulas to get it bigger. These are things that, ultimately, happen to most men to a greater or lesser extent. Just as wrinkles come out of our face over the years, male genitals also experience physiological changes They modify their appearance.

The penis eventually retracts inward as you get older, so over the years you may see it smaller

The men's magazine 'Men's Health' has contacted Brian Steixner, director of the Institute of Salute of the Men of the Group of Urology of New Jersey, to know the medical and physiological details that the organ responsible for the reproduction entails. Surely it surprises you and it helps you to ensure that the years do not pass through your penis.

What happens to your scrotum?

One of the most uncomfortable realities is that, by natural law, the scrotum begins to fall as you get older. It is a condition that can go more or less depending on the person, but in any case it is inevitable, since the organ loses muscle mass as the years go by, making the meat more flaccid.

To find a remedy for this problem there are specific surgical operations, such as the so-called scrotoplasty. But, what are the preventive measures so that it does not happen and there is no need to reach the operating room? As in almost all health issues, lead a healthy life and avoid smoking, as well as adopt a healthy diet that saves you from being obese.


Obviously, the penis eventually retracts inward as you get older, so over the years you may see it smaller. Do not panic, there is no reason to think that your phallus ends up becoming a micropenis. Why this phenomenon? The cells in this area of ​​the skin are replaced by non-elastic fibers, which end up winding throughout The male reproductive system.

I've seen patients whose penises looked like question marks. Fortunately, excess curvature can be corrected

If you do not want to pass you go forgetting to drink beer, since the mythical gut that produces this alcoholic drink in many men will make your penis look smaller. You know, if you gain weight drastically, your sexual organ may decrease in size.

A curved one?

As you approach the autumn of your life, your penis will curve towards one of the sides, right or left. This is due in part to two of the most important things in life: sports and sexual activity. The scar tissue (the one that forms after a skin lesion) will accumulate along the penis and cause it to create a curve. And if that were not enough, this fabric is not added symmetrically: where before there was an "arrow", now there is "a bow".

I have 90 year old patients who still have perfect erections. If you eat well and exercise you will have no problem

"It can get worse especially after the age of 60 or 70 ", warns the doctor. "I have seen patients whose penises looked like question marks. Fortunately, it is a pathology that can be treated. Today there are injectable medications that help release the accumulated plaques of tissue." How to wear botox, but instead of in the face, in your most erogenous part.

Erectile dysfunction

There are more than 30 million men with erectile dysfunction in the world and the reason is that as you get older the amount of blood in your body drops. "Having erectile dysfunction is as if the penis suffered a heart attack," Steixner emphasizes. "And to prevent it I usually advise what I would say to a person at risk of having a heart attack: eat well and exercise ". Instead, the doctor affects, "if you take care of yourself you can avoid it, I have 90-year-old patients who still have perfect erections. "

The risk of cancer increases

Testicular and prostate cancers are very common, but penile cancers also exist. What are the risks? If you abuse too much of the tanning centers. Also if you do not take proper hygiene in the area of ​​the glans. Anyway, in case of being diagnosed the prognosis is not good, since you can run out of your 'little soldier'. "In extreme cases a complete removal of the penis is required," says the doctor. "And it does happen, at least once a year I find a case."

Other problems that you will face as you gain in age is the decrease in testosterone levels, which will lead to a slight but constant loss of size to the organ. There is also a reduction in nerve function in the area, which will cause your penis to become less sensitive and, therefore, you will find it more difficult to reach orgasm.