This is what happens to your body when you give up birth control pills

There is no doubt that contraceptive pills have represented a liberation for women. With them, they have been able to control their reproduction. Although hormonal contraceptives do not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, at least they are a powerful tool for women in the world to decide when and with whom to have children.

However, it can not be denied that it has also been a triumph for the pharmaceutical industry. A large part of the women of the world consume a pack of contraceptive pills per month, during their entire fertile life. Few drugs have that level of public captive. We must not forget that, like us more or less, the contraceptive pills are that, a drug that we take daily, with the pros and cons that this has.

So, if you have decided to stop taking birth control pills, you will have your reasons. You may not want to get pregnant and you still have. While it was your free decision, you do not have to apologize or explain.

Either way, it's important that you know what can you expect hereinafter. Surely you have spent years consuming the pills, so it will take some time for your whole body to get used to re-producing the hormones that you previously received without doing anything.

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These are the most common effects of stopping birth control pills. If you have questions, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

1. Most abundant periods

The menstruation that contraceptive pills cause is, in reality, a simulation that they provoke in your body. In fact, many women do not even have bleeding while consuming the pill, as there is almost no development of the endometrium while taking them.

So the first thing that will happen is that your periods will be more abundant, at least in a similar way as they were before you started the treatment with pills.

2. Weight variations

Many women lose weight after stopping taking birth control pills. However, there is a group in which it causes the reverse effect. Since pills alter metabolic processes, leaving them also transforms them.

3. Greater desire

It is not that contraceptive pills inhibit sexual desire, but they do normalize it: it appears with the necessary stimulation. However, when you stop taking birth control pills you may feel a revitalization of your desire and that it appears strongly and at any time, especially during ovulation. It is your most instinctive part reconnecting with you.

4. Appearance of acne

Not everything is rosy in this life. Leaving birth control pills can also cause the appearance of acne or oily skin. At some point, it's like a new puberty. Your body is getting used to producing hormones, and that will show on the skin.

5. Premenstrual syndrome

Premenstrual pains, head, breasts and ovaries, and wild mood swings will also return. Premenstrual syndrome in all its glory, and you will have to deal with it. Another not so pleasant aspect of stopping taking birth control pills.

6. Greater happiness

A huge number of women who have stopped taking birth control pills say they are happier since they have done so. It sounds strange, but there is scientific evidence that seems to prove it.

According to studies carried out in this regard, 23% of women who consume hormonal contraceptives are at risk of suffering from clinical depression.

In addition, many women have testified that they feel more positive and hopeful since they stopped taking hormones to control fertilization.

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The decision, as always, is in you. Do not let anyone force you to change your mind. And if you have already left the pills, remember that these described symptoms are normal in your body. Anyway, in case of any doubt, you should consult a doctor.

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