This is what happens to your body if you go for a walk every day

Walking is one of the healthiest activities there is, especially effective when we do not have a physical form strong enough to run or swim, or for those people who are too lazy with these exercises. There are no excuses to go out for a few steps and feel the fresh air on your face, especially at this time when we can minimize the possibility of contagion if we opt for open places instead of closed to enjoy our free time in the healthiest way.

Another advantage of betting on a walk every day is that you can do it in the company of one or other people. Something very important for your mental health, since one of the collateral effects of the pandemic is precisely loss of social interaction which leads to a worse quality of life from a psychological point of view. In this age when there is so much mistrust and uncertainty, it is very important not to lose our social ties with those people we care about.

By burning calories, you reduce daily stress and allow your body to generate natural endorphins, the 'wellness' hormone

But beyond this series of incentives to not miss your appointment with the daily walk, there are a series of benefits of doing a smooth walk day by day that you will notice in the body as time goes by. 'Eat This Not That' magazine spoke to a dietitian and lifestyle expert named Amy reads so that she herself is in charge of listing all the advantages of this healthy habit one by one.

Better mental health

"Adopting the routine of going for a walk every day involves a series of health benefits, not only physical, but also mental "says Lee. "By burning calories, you reduce daily stress and allow your body to generate natural endorphins, the 'wellness' hormone." As we said, this impact is much more significant if you convince a close person to accompany you, since after all talking with our loved ones or acquaintances helps us to better face our own reality.

Stabilization of body weight

Walking is obviously not the same as running and you will not be able to lose weight in such a noticeable wayBut that does not mean that this simple activity is useless when it comes to regulating your body mass index. In fact, if you practice it daily, it helps you not gain a single kilo. And depending on the number of steps you take or meters you walk, you will be able to give a much deeper boost to your physical health.

Walking or running: what is the best exercise to burn calories and lose weight?


Dr. Lee believes that, at the very least, 10,000 steps per day to notice quick results, which come to be about 8 kilometers. Does it seem too much? In that case, start with a much shorter distance and gradually increase it.

Less chance of developing diseases

In the long term, as the Mayo Clinic recognizes, walking daily will not only help you to have more control of your weight, but also to have less chance of developing different diseases in the future: heart disease, hypertension, or type 2 diabetes are some of the ones that you will get rid of if you incorporate this simple exercise into your routine.

Stronger bones and muscles

Obviously, going for a walk every day will make your musculoskeletal system perform its functions as on the first day. This is especially important as you age, as one of the consequences of aging is the inevitable wear and tear of bones and muscles. And also in order to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis.