This is what happens to your body if you drink beer daily

At this point in the quarantine we all know that after the toilet paper was beer. The compulsive purchases that have been registered in supermarkets deserve consideration by the great sociological studies. The Spanish have opted for this alcoholic beverage in the second section of the confinement. Then came the yeast as it the arrival of Easter It has encouraged the family to gather at the table to taste the classic pastry products of this time, such as French toast or biscuits. What will be next?

Nevertheless, beer consumption continues at its highest peaks, and it is that many people see it as a medium-term remedy both from the boredom produced by being locked up every day, as well as the respective and hypothetical anxiety they may feel during these days of confinement. You have to stay alert, since the consumption of alcohol in no case can be good for health, and even less in a situation of health crisis like the one we are experiencing.

A 30 centiliter glass of beer can contain 60 to 240 calories. The bad thing is that it is surely accompanied by snacks

Therefore, the most important thing right now is to monitor every aspect of your health and take care of the health of those around you. And to know when we are exceeding ourselves in relation to the consumption of this drink made from barley. The magazine 'Eat This Not That' has consulted different dietician experts to know first-hand how the fact of drinking some beer every day, both in the short and long term, affects your body. And above all, so you can take action if you think you are going too far.

Alcohol is never good for health

First of all, it is necessary to re-emphasize the fact that alcohol consumption, even if moderate, is never good for health, so if you are a regular you should minimize the amount you ingest, otherwise eliminate their consumption completely. On the other hand, the effect it produces on your organs and on your mind obviously depends on your physical and health status, which is why each body is a world according to its physiological, hormonal or metabolic characteristics.

Drinking beer causes your stomach to produce more acid than usual, which will end up causing inflammation in the walls of your intestines

How many calories does a single glass of beer have? "They can vary from 60 to 240 calories in 30 centiliters," he says. Elizabeth Huggins, a prestigious American dietician. "This, of course, may seem like a moderate amount, but it can quickly lead to being overweight, especially if you pair it with snacks." Which is quite likely, by the way.

Another negative effect of a high calorie intake, and above all, beer, It is the feeling of lethargy that occurs in the body. Although it may seem quite comfortable and pleasant at first, it ends up becoming annoying, since you will feel much more bloated and tired at the same time. And of course, you will want to move not a single muscle or get up off the couch, which further exacerbates the feeling of confinement.

If you drink a short time before going to bed, your sleep quality will be reduced, so the next day you will feel more tired

In this sense, doing a little physical exercise every day in quarantine is essential not only to avoid ending the confinement with several extra kilos, but also to keep your mental and emotional state in shape. When training, we release endorphins, which are essential to avoid episodes of stress or anxiety. Not to mention the irritation that can produce in your digestive tract. "Drinking beer makes your stomach produce more acid than usual, which will end up causing inflammation in the walls of your intestines, "observes the nutritionist Katie Boyd. "This may end up leading to gastritis in the long term."

On the other hand, it also affects your sleep cycle in a very negative way, which can also seriously harm your health. "If you drink a short time before going to bed, you will see your quality of sleep decrease," says Huggins. "The alcohol in beer produces a secretion of gastric acids They can cause burning and abdominal discomfort, which in addition to being unpleasant, also affects your daily rest. "

Therefore, even if you have the feeling of tiredness or lightness that helps you call Morpheus, it will not be as restorative as you think and you will get more tired. "We know that weak or poor sleep greatly interferes with the proper functioning of the brain and our available energy for the next day," says the dietitian. "Drinking too much beer can cause sleep disruption Because your insulin levels skyrocket in the middle of the night, making you stay asleep only at a superficial level. Therefore, in the morning you will feel a little ‘groggy’ and not at all rested for the rest of the day, ”he warns.

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