This is the test you have to do to know how healthy your heart is (it lasts only one minute)

Own Spanish Heart Foundation warns us: every six minutes in Europe a woman dies from cardiovascular disease, but we are far from being aware of it. In fact, only one in four women admit that heart problems are more deadly for women than cancer itself. It's time to realize that we have to take charge of the health of our hearts and that for this it is necessary to give him the appropriate diet, provide him with the exercise he needs to stay healthy and check it often. Do you know how healthy your heart is? Checking it is easier than ever thanks to a Spanish study prepared by specialists from the University Hospital of A Coruña.

The ladder test to check the shape of the heart

The test could not be easier or shorter: 60 steps, without running, in less than a minute. If you succeed, congratulations, you have good heart health according to this research presented at the last congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

But what if you are unable to climb four flights of stairs in such a short time? Well, it's time for you to go to the doctor. "This ladder test is an easy way to monitor your heart health. The idea was to find a simple and inexpensive method to assess heart health that can help doctors classify patients in order to select them for more extensive examinations ”, explains the Dr. Jesús Peteiro, cardiologist at the University Hospital of A Coruña.


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The study included 165 patients with symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath on exertion who were subjected to various tests, including climbing four flights of stairs (60 steps). By comparing the results of all the tests, the researchers found that the majority of patients who climbed the stairs in less than 45 seconds had a low probability of artery disease while more than half of those who needed a minute and a half to complete that climb tended to give abnormal results in their heart function in subsequent tests.

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