This is the simple Japanese trick to lose weight

We have not tried it yet, but after knowing that the architect of this curious technique managed to lose 13 kilos and 12 centimeters of waist, we are willing to try. It was the Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke who baptized him as prolonged breathing technique, an exercise that is based on controlling the muscles of the abdomen while breathing.

It was following a YouTube video in which the interpreter showed how this technique was performed when it began to go viral. And it seems that not only strengthens the abdomen, but also It helps to oxygenate the body and eliminate fat from the waist. An exercise that was recommended by your doctor to relieve back pain and that ended up becoming your weight loss trick.

How is the prolonged breathing technique performed step by step?

As Ryosuke explained, it only takes two to 10 minutes a day – depending on the repetitions that are done – to notice the results of this curious exercise. To do this you have to follow four steps:

– First we must take the right posture: standing, with your back stretched, forward one leg slightly so that the tip of the foot that you have left behind touches the heel of the front.

– Now contract the buttocks and support the weight of your body on the back leg.

– Inspire counting three seconds while raising straight and forward arms, as if it were a kind of greeting to the sun. They should be above the head, brushing your ears.

– Hold the position and exhale hard for seven seconds, taking out the air while tense all the muscles of your body.

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Does the prolonged breathing technique work?

For now we only have the testimony of the Japanese actor, but it is clear that the technique is similar to those used in yoga to control breathing. That is, pranayamas, those that consist of breathing in a controlled way, deep and tense or relaxing different parts of our body. Several studies have confirmed the benefits of these exercises, among which are activate the metabolism and tone the muscles.

That's why it is not surprising that if you combine this curious Asian technique with some cardio and healthy eating, we can get good results to lose weight.

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