This is the simple exercise with which you will revitalize the body and calm the mind

The quest for calm and serenity in a world where rush, stress and constant living in the future prevail (and attached to the past), it becomes as necessary as breathing, and it is just that, breathing, but consciously, what will reconnect with yourself and to bring more balance and peace to your life.

What is a pranayama?

Breathing is something we do automatically, without thinking, it is a natural function of the body that is performed without paying attention. Pranayama or conscious breathing will make us think of the action of breathing, of being present at the moment of taking air and filling us with vitality and of exhaling and emptying the lungs of air. It is a tool that, although it seems simple, will help you reconnect, fight stress and even relieve pain.


Breathing is very important for the body since the organs are oxygenated thanks to this action and helps them get rid of toxins and harmful substances. Conscious breathing is not just a fad, it is an ancient technique to take care of the mind, bringing calm and stillness to all that daily noise that is generated, to help take control of the body and to order ideas giving clarity and focus and also a way to bring well-being and health to the body.


How to practice conscious breathing

It is not necessary that you are accustomed to the practice of yoga where different pranayamas are performed, you can perform conscious breathing techniques in beginner mode, in your own home or space of your choice, and benefit from what this deep breathing can bring you, thus improving physical and mental health, and minimizing stress and anxiety.

Isabel Manso, a yoga teacher at the Barceló Portinax hotel, gives us the keys to practice pranayama, a set of breathing techniques consisting of three movements, inspiration, expiration and retention, and whose purpose is to control what in yoga is called prana, the vital energy found in every being.


Find a quiet place away from the noise where you can have five or ten minutes of peace. You can create an ideal environment through elements such as dim light, essential oils, music, relax, candles … That special atmosphere will help you focus on breathing.

Sit on the floor in a comfortable posture, you can use cushions, or lie on your back with your arms along the body slightly detached and with the palms of your hands up, legs a little apart dropping your feet to the sides. Find a comfortable posture without tension, if you have lumbar problems you can place a pillow behind the lower thighs and behind the knees.

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Close your eyes, relax your muscles, also your jaw and face, and consciously begin to breathe calmly and deeply through your nose, fill your abdomen and feel your swelling. Place your hands on your belly so you can feel it fill and empty. Start releasing the air from your lungs exhaling through the nose until your belly button sinks and approaches the spine, helping you to empty your body of air and any stagnant energy in the digestive system. Concentrate and when you notice that your mind begins to play with thoughts go back to the here and now bringing attention back to the breath, as many times as necessary, without judging, at first they will be more times and then you will take the habit and you will be able to concentrate in a deeper way.


It's a moment for you allow yourself those moments of relaxation that oxygenate your body and help you bring light and order to your thoughts, serenity and balance to your mind and well-being to your body. Namaste

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