This is the hormonal diet you have to follow if your hormones are making it difficult for you to lose weight

Estrogens are capable of doing wonders: they regulate cholesterol levels, help fertilization, protect bones, contribute to the production of collagen … But when our body produces too much estrogen we are in trouble. Like all hormones in the body, estrogens have to keep a balance and if this is broken, health problems appear. In the most severe cases, high levels of estrogens can be present associated with diseases such as breast cancer or polycystic ovary. In milder cases, that excess estrogen manifests itself in more subtle symptoms, such as headaches, mood swings, and weight gain.

There are several factors that can cause a high level of estrogens (such as having hypothyroidism or being diabetic) but there is one factor that we can all influence: what we put on our plate. Without intending to, we may be eating foods that exacerbate estrogen production. Fortunately, what begins in the kitchen can be solved in that same kitchen if we become aware of the problem in time because it has been shown that diet can directly influence the production and metabolism of estrogens. Do you want to know how you have to eat to maintain a healthy estrogen level?


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What to eat for a healthy estrogen level

We have it easy: the Mediterranean diet is the one that has shown the most scientific evidence so far on how food can beneficially influence estrogen level. To meet the parameters of the Mediterranean diet that is used in scientific studies, you have to include in your menus some ingredients that you are probably not including and leave out others that you are using too much.


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The Mediterranean anti-estrogen diet favors fish, vegetables, fruits and legumes and restricts or limits the consumption of the main foods associated with high estrogen levels, especially red and processed meats, ultra-processed meats and poor quality fats. As sources of fat you should use olive oil and include nuts in the diet (especially walnuts). The results of this type of diet are spectacular: women who adhere to this diet for six months reduce the amount of estrogen they produce by 40%.

Another factor to take into account is the amount of fiber that is ingested in the diet. It is time to abandon the processed and opt for the integral ones. The reason? Eating enough dietary fiber helps to properly regulate cholesterol and cholesterol levels it is a precursor to the formation of estrogen: the more cholesterol, the more estrogens. In addition, fiber also limits the amount of circulating estrogen that the intestine absorbs, so it is able to reduce the amount of estrogen that we have in the body in two different ways.

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