This is the fruit and vegetables you should eat to prevent stiffness (according to science)

After so long without exercising you are having a hard time picking up the pace and the fearsome laces have returned to your untrained person. To you string of tips to combat them, gym tricks and apothecary from grandma now you can add this tip: a well-stocked fruit bowl. Science has taken pity on us and our battered muscle fibers and he has investigated which are the most recommended fruits to combat these uncomfortable punctures and pain.

The solution to your muscle problems is in the most antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, those that are able with their single intake to counteract the oxidative stress that occurs in your cells after subjecting them to an exercise session. And what are those magic vegetables?

The first recommendation is that before training you have a good watercress salad. A study of the Edinburgh Napier University (UK) found that people who ate watercress at least two hours before starting to run on a treadmill had many less damage caused by free radicals after exercise that those who ate anything else … and that translated into less damage to cellular DNA and less stiffness.


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That you don't like salad? Well, you have more options. People who eat at least 30 grams of watermelon before starting your training sessions significantly reduce your muscle pain. But there are more fruits that can give you a cable: blueberries prevent post-exercise muscle inflammation and cherries have shown efficacy against stiffness even in professional weight lifters and long distance runners.

And in case you're a fan of get your extra vitamins through supplements that through food, we remind you that supplements do not work as well … and in some cases they can even be counterproductive. For example, a study with boys who had push-ups and took vitamin C supplements showed that far from stopping the oxidative stress of exercise, the supplement caused them to suffer more muscle damage. Our advice is to stop taking pills and invest in the greengrocer (warned you stay).

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