This is the food you should take every day to improve the quality of your diet

We are not going to go with more delay: eating potatoes daily can improve the quality of the diet. This has been confirmed by a study conducted by Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University and published by the British Journal of Nutrition. A fact that supposes a small revolution, especially because it returns the prestige that a food like potato should have: remember that the tortilla of which it is the protagonist emerged in the twentieth century as a necessity, made with the basic ingredients available to the people.

But returning to the study, their researchers have proven that This type of hydrate, compared to other refined grains such as "rice, pasta or white bread", does benefit our health. This was observed after conducting an experiment: they divided a group of people in two; some had to eat refined grains as a side dish daily, for four weeks, while the other had to opt for baked potatoes or steam. The result?

Those who they had taken potatoes improved their intake of potassium, fiber, starch and the healthy index compared to the other group. Although experts explain that the tests were performed on healthy people. "It is important to replicate our findings in other groups, such as those with a higher risk of cardiometabolic disease," they say.

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The fact is that its finding serves to break the taboo that usually revolves around the potato: that if you get fat, that if you provide too much carbohydrates, that if it is better to change it for salad when the waiter asks us for the garnish … Of course, the best way to take it daily is cooked or baked, since chips, especially in refined oil, are not as healthy.

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