This is the fitness app that Paula Echevarría uses to train

We would not lie to you if we tell you that you only need your mobile phone to get Paula Echevarría's typo, but the truth is that something more is needed: constancy. And that is precisely what the Asturian works during her workouts, which she does with the help of an application just launched by Iñaky García, his friend and personal trainer.

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The app in question is called Ky-Fit, and In addition to exercises, it also allows you to train online and remotely. "It adapts to your physical condition, your time and the space you have to train. And he personally takes care of something very important, and I attest that it is like that!", Explained Paula in her Instagram account, where He shared his fitness method with his followers.

It is a free application available for iOS and Android. And from what we have seen, it includes quite complete exercises. Dis from cardio on tape, one of Paula's favorites, to toning work. Among them these abs with which the actress also works the obliques with the help of a ball:

"We will organize your physical activity and your directed activities so that you finally optimize your time and achieve your goals," explains the actress coach in her social networks. "Motivate you to finally have a commitment to your health and your time."

Now we can access the same training of the actress thanks to this app. Although as she says, we must not force: "Sundays are free," Iñaky commented when a few days ago when she went to the actress to the cinema, where Paula asked for a bucket of popcorn, a soda and a bag of jelly beans size XXL :

A day of cheat meal a week does not hurt anyone, right?

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