This is the fast metabolism diet with which you will lose weight in record time and without starving yourself

The subsistence allowance Restrictive measures to lose weight are not the best option because, when you return to eating regularly, you will recover the kilos you have lost (and perhaps some more as a gift). That’s why it’s important learn to eat, incorporating fruit and vegetables into your diet to cover the necessary nutrients for your body but not add empty calories. A very beneficial plan is known as Fast Metabolism Diet or FMDdevised by the American nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, which allows you to lose weight up to eight kilos in a month while you repair your metabolism.

Pomroy is the dietitian of big stars like Jennifer Lopez, Resee Witherspoon or Robert Downey Jr, and his book, The Fast Metabolism Diet (2013), is an international bestseller. According to the chef and blogger elisa faltoni, the fast metabolism diet is “a way to eat abundant, healthy and varied, which offers your body those foods that it really needs”. This plan has a minimum duration of 28 dayswhich correspond to a cycle and is divided into four weeks with three phases each. We are going to summarize what each phase consists of and the specific objectives of each of them so that you can start at home:

Phase 1: fruits and grains

Phase 1 lasts two days and is designed to assimilate food and transform it into energy. In it, there are many fruits and cereals It has a medium glycemic index, is moderate in protein and low in fat. Must be accompanied by at least one training session cardio.

For him breakfast eat cereal and fruit within 30 minutes of waking up. Three or four hours later, take a piece of fruit. Do the meal three hours later containing cereals, protein, fruit and vegetables. Eat a piece of fruit again three to four hours later. In the Dinner It includes cereals, proteins and vegetables.

In this phase you can eat as many vegetables as you want, but only 120 grams of meat and 170 grams of fish. Also, you can eat 30 grams of cereals.

Phase 2: proteins and alkaline vegetables

Phase 2 also lasts two days, and its objective is to release the accumulated fats. is the phase less caloric and with more animal protein and alkaline vegetables. Must be combined with at least one workout anaerobic.

Eat protein and vegetables breakfast as soon as you wake up and, three hours later, eat a protein-rich snack. Three hours later you must to eat something rich in protein and vegetables. Another three or four hours later, go back to having a high-protein snack and, to dineEat something loaded with protein and vegetables.

Just like in phase two you can eat as much vegetable as you want, but do not eat vegetables or anything that contains fat. To meet the recommended amount of protein, you can use 120 grams of meat, 170 grams of fish, half a cup of legumes or three egg whites. At this stage you can not eat fruitjust a piece of lime or lemon and a glass of smoothie.

Phase 3: healthy fats

Phase 3 lasts for three days and with it you will be able to transform the fats released during phase 2 into energy. This time, it will be high on fats healthy, moderate in protein, very moderate in grains and with low glycemic index fruits. You must combine it with at least one session of a physical activity that relaxes our body, such as yoga.

The breakfast should include fruit, fats, proteins, grains and vegetables. Two hours later eat something vegetable. Three to four hours later eat a dish based on vegetables, fats and proteins. Three or four hours later you should eat a vegetable-based snack and, to dineeat a plate based on vegetables, fats, proteins and cereals.

As in the previous phases, the vegetable it continues to be unlimited and the proteins will consist of 120 grams of meat or 170 of fish, half a cup of legumes or one and a half eggs. Now you can eat cereal, but only 75% of a cup and fruit is already allowed, although only one and a half pieces. To get to fats recommended, you can eat three-quarters of an avocado, a handful of dried fruit, one-third of a cup of hummus, or half a cup of guacamole.

Like all diets, there are times when it will be impossible for you to follow it, because you have a family commitment, with friends or with co-workers. Don’t worry, the fast metabolism diet seeks to reeducate you to eat well, so that small slip would not have an impact on a rebound effect. If this is your first time on the diet, continue as normal but, when you start Phase 1 again, it counts as if it were your first day on the diet, that is, the first day of the diet. 28 days. Remember that the sooner you integrate these guidelines into your regular diet, the sooner your body will improve and you will achieve your goal of losing weight.

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