This is the drink you should drink to sleep well in the heat wave (or so the science says)

You have become an expert in dinners that provoke sleep and you know in a rush all the tricks and for having to sleep like a baby in summer, but it does not fail, the first heat wave arrives and you do not stop turning in bed . From the University of Ottawa, that despite being in Canada must also suffer from sleep problems due to the heat, we get a hot drink solution that promises to make sleep easier whatever the temperature.

A group of researchers from that university has carried out a series of tests to verify how the temperature of the drinks we drink before going to bed can influence our night body temperature. Your conclusion? That, contrary to what we might think, hot drinks win over cold ones if what we want is to sleep soundly when it is hot on the street.

Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed, even in summer, is a good idea.

Apparently, hot drinks help "refresh" our skin. As soon as we ingest the hot liquid, the brain asks the body to produce more sweat to compensate for the temperature and that sweat cools the skin which greatly improves the thermal sensation that we have before lying down in bed.

However, not all hot drinks work equally well. Obviously, having a cup of tea or coffee before turning off the bedroom light is not the best of ideas. That is why this group of experts recommends resuming the infallible sleep trick that your grandmother has carried all her life, advising you: go to bed with a glass of warm milk in the hand.


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Not only the temperature of the milk will help your skin to cool, also this drink is a good reserve of an amino acid called tryptophan which activates the production of melatonin and serotonin, two hormones you need to sleep like a baby.

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