This is the diet that can extend your life (and your youth)

Healthy eating is key to maintaining a healthier and longer life, at least several studies state that they have linked the length of telomeres with the state of health in general and, therefore, for a longer and disease-free life. We explain to you what telomeres are in health and what foods you should include in your diet (and what not) to maintain a longer and healthier life.


The key is in telomeres

A study published in the journal Hospital Nutrition collects the conclusions reached three experts from the Department of Food and Physiology of the University of Navarra in which they affirm that dietary intervention could play a role in the protection of telomeric integrity. But what are telomeres? As they are the structures that protect the ends of the chromosomes and their length is related to the state of health of the organism, that is, the longer the telomeres are, the better health the body would have. The direct consequence of telomeres with a good length would be a longer life and a delay in cell deterioration.

According to these investigations, Diet can become the most effective weapon to prevent or delay many chronic diseases related to the passing of the years, tissue inflammation, cell death and oxidative stress since all these biological processes are influenced by the length of telomeres.


An antiage diet

What can you include in your diet to prevent premature shortening of telomeres? The Mediterranean diet would be a good option, but well understood. For example, you should choose to increase the consumption of foods such as seeds, legumes, nuts or coffee since they have a lot of antioxidants that are directly related to the good health of telomeres.

Include in your menus fruits such as red fruits, peaches, oranges … more antioxidant vegetables such as spinach, tomato or broccoli, seaweed and olive oil to maintain a healthy telomeric length and therefore an enviable state of health and a younger and more vital organism.


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To avoid

In the study of the University of Navarra it was observed that certain foods were associated with the substantial shortening of telomeres. Avoid processed meats, cereals, alcohol and sweetened beverages such as soda because the data they offered was that they were feeding patterns associated with shorter telomeres.

Obesity, tobacco and stress are factors that would also reduce telomere length, as well as sugar and excess calories. Yes, as you read it, eating less can have a very positive impact on health since caloric restriction causes a decrease in body temperature that favors hormonal regulation and reduces inflammation, so If you want to emulate the inhabitants of one of the longest areas of the planet, Okinawa, you should get up from the table a little before being completely satisfied.


It's not about going hungry but about reducing calories by eating what is necessary, this would reduce oxidative stress and cell damage so your telomeres will be longer just like your life. Choose well everything you eat because your health and longevity depends on it.

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