This is the best time to go to bed and lose weight (among other health benefits)

So much if you sleep like a logAs if you are one of those who turns in bed looking at the ceiling, the experts in the art of good sleep want to give you some advice: keep a good sleep routine and go to bed before midnight (and if possible, naked), because the hours you sleep before twelve are a fat burning remedy, a vaccine against the extra kilos and the most valuable for our health (weight apart).

7 yoga poses to sleep well

The explanation to Healing and slimming power of going to bed at ten and not at twelve we find it in the brain itself. In it resides an area that is dedicated exclusively to synchronizing the function of each cell of the organism with the time of day in which we find ourselves. And how does he do it? Capturing the levels of light and darkness in the environment. As the light level falls below a certain limit, the brain sends a message to the pineal gland and thanks to this each cell of the body begins to work in night mode.

East fine tuning is called circadian rhythm And the regulation of many of our body systems depends on it, including blood pressure, body temperature, hormone production … and yes, the way we use and accumulate fat, too.

If you like to stay up late, put on weight

When we talk about weight and sleep, it is not only the hours we spend in bed that matter (a study of the Northwestern University found that sleeping less than six and a half hours makes us eat the next day more carbohydrates and less vegetables and fruits), but the time we go to bed also counts.

An investigation of the University of Pennsylvania published in the SLEEP magazine revealed that people who usually go to bed at dawn were more likely to gain weight than those who did it at 10 at night. In addition, another study published in the magazine Obesity states that staying up late changes our eating habits and makes night owls more likely to eat foods high in fats and sugars.

To sleep well (and by the way not get fat) you need total darkness.

All kinds of benefits

If what concerns you is your health and not just your waist, going to bed early is also a good idea to achieve this goal. It has been proven that the 90-minute sleep phase that occurs before midnight is one of the most effective As for recovery from cell damage … or what is the same, going to bed before twelve helps our body to "reset" more effectively. Conclusion: if you go to bed soon you will not only be slimmer and more rested, but you will also look younger because your cells will have regenerated better.

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